How to increase The hustler fund Loan limit ?

Hustler fund loan kenya limit

Hustler Fund Loan is a Government fund that lets Kenyan Citizens borrow Money through their cell phones. The fund aims to provide financial empowerment and security to the people at the bottom of the pyramid. The loan is charged an 8% interest and should be repaid in 14 days. .  How Much can one borrow? A minimum of Kshs. 500/ and a Maximum...

How to apply for Uganda temporary Visa – Temporary Movement Permit

Uganda temporary Visa

Are you planning to visit Uganda? Below is what you need to acquire Uganda Temporary Visa (Temporary Movement Permit) Temporary Movement Permits are recognized travel documents intended to ease the cross-border movement of border communities. Temporary Movement Permits (TMPs) may be obtained at our Port Bell Office in Luzira and all points of Entry and Exit in Uganda and apply...

How do I contact Uganda Police hotline ?

uganda emergency contacts

How do I contact the police hotline in Uganda? In case of an Emergency while in Uganda kindly use the below contacts for the  - Uganda Police Force. Emergency 999/112 UPF Headquarters 0414233814 0414250613 UPF Press Office 0414289791 0414289790 0800199899 0414288864 Counter Terrorism Unit 0800199699 0800199139 0800122291 Professional Standards Unit Toll Free Lines 0800199199 0800199299 0800200019 CPS Kampala 0800122291 CID 0800199499 Uganda Fire Brigade 0421222 0714667752 Operations 0414256366 For Uganda Regional Police Headquarters and comprising Districts Visit the Uganda Police Website   

How to Reach the Kenya Police hotline In case of an Emergency

Kenya police hotlines

If ever you find yourself in a serious, dangerous, or unexpected situation, you should always have an emergency number you can call. Fortunately, the Kenya Police has come up with a list of emergency hotline numbers for various police stations across Kenya. Here they are in alphabetical order.  Kenya Police hotline  999, 112  or  911 Adungosi Police Station 055-22419 Ahero Police...

How to know your CRB Status after Failure to Repay a Loan.


The Credit Reference Bureau is a body in charge of monitoring the performance of all loan borrowers. Based on your repayment history, you will either have a positive or negative CRB rating. To avoid a negative loan rating, you must pay back the loan within 30 days or risk being listed as a loan defaulter on CRB.   Below are some...

How to Select or Change Your NHIF Outpatient Hospitals Online 

Nhif kenya -Change Your NHIF Outpatient Hospitals

How to Select or Change Your NHIF Outpatient Hospitals Online  An NHIF card is a medical cover acceptable in most public and private outpatient hospitals. It allows you to change to your preferred hospital at any time. This can be done online, so you no longer have to make long queues at the NHIF offices. Below is how you can...

How to Know Your Credit Status on CRB (It’s Easy)


All loan defaulters are usually listed on CRB, an institution tasked by the central bank to collect, store and share credit information. This automatically disqualifies you from receiving loans from other lending institutions.   Therefore it is essential to check your CRB status at least twice a year. Some bodies licensed to monitor loan defaulters include Metropol, TransUnion and CreditInfo. As...

St John Ambulance – kenya


St John Ambulance Kenya has the scale, expertise, and equipment to provide a coordinated large-scale response to emergencies. Hot Line 0721225285  They have over 22,000 trained emergency response volunteers across the country, ready to provide support at a short notice. Our volunteers are backed by a fleet of modern ambulances, ready to tackle complex conditions. The vehicles are equipped with advanced life...

How to apply for Equity Bank Merchant Loan

Equity bank merchant loans

Equity Bank Merchant Loan for Pay with Equity (PWE)  is the Bank’s mobile acquiring platform that enables mobile subscribers to pay for goods and services easily and conveniently to one merchant Till Number. Pre-qualified credit Equity provides pre-qualified credit based on the merchant's business volume. Merchants can see the prequalified amount via the below Guide. Dial *247# Select option 6 -...

G4S Kenya 24- hour fire brigade and Ambulance services

g4s fire kenya

G4S KENYA FIRE RESCUE AND RESPONSE 24- hour fire brigade and Ambulance services: In liaison with relevant authorities, G4S offers emergency medical care, rapid intervention, and evacuation services. G4s Fire Brigade  0711042000 0732172000 Fire Protection Service: Fully trained firefighters and marshals appointed to customers' premises with the responsibility to secure the immediate and safe evacuation of personnel...