How to apply for Equity Bank Merchant Loan

Equity bank merchant loans

Equity Bank Merchant Loan for Pay with Equity (PWE)  is the Bank’s mobile acquiring platform that enables mobile subscribers to pay for goods and services easily and conveniently to one merchant Till Number. Pre-qualified credit Equity provides pre-qualified credit based on the merchant's business volume. Merchants can see the prequalified amount via the below Guide. Dial *247# Select option 6 -...

G4S Kenya 24- hour fire brigade and Ambulance services

g4s fire kenya

G4S KENYA FIRE RESCUE AND RESPONSE 24- hour fire brigade and Ambulance services: In liaison with relevant authorities, G4S offers emergency medical care, rapid intervention, and evacuation services. G4s Fire Brigade  0711042000 0732172000 Fire Protection Service: Fully trained firefighters and marshals appointed to customers' premises with the responsibility to secure the immediate and safe evacuation of personnel...

How do I call the fire department in Nairobi?


Nairobi County Fire Emergency Numbers: 0202344599 /0202222181 What to do in case of Fire Raise the alarm by shouting Fire, Fire, Fire, and break the glass provided in the staircase. Attack the fire using the correct type of extinguisher. Make sure your line of retreat is clear Call the fire brigade using 0202344599, 0202222181, 0722832930, 0721441025 Use the escape route when leaving...