How to Pay For gotv via Mpesa?

Paying for GOtv subscriptions with Mpesa is an easy and convenient way to keep your entertainment needs up to date. This post will show you step-by-step how to pay for GOtv using Mpesa and the associated benefits.

  • Open to the MPESA menu,
  • Select PayBill option
  • Enter 423655 as the business number, (Gotv pay bill no )
  • Enter the IUC number (Check the red sticker at the bottom of the decoder)
  • Type the package subscription amount due
  • Enter your Safaricom PIN and complete the transaction.
  • The customer will receive a confirmation SMS. Multichoice Kenya will update the payments done via Safaricom at least hourly.

Always ensure that your decoder is on before making payment.

How to pay gotv subscription via DTB Bank?

Kindly login to DTB mobile banking application and follow these easy steps while paying for your GOtv subscription. 

  • Login onto Mobile banking
  • Select Pay Utilities
  • Select GOtv
  • Enter your IUC number
  • Enter the amount due
  • Select your linked bank account to service the payment
  • Enter the PIN of the bank account selected
  • Click on Pay to process the payment

You can now pay your GOtv bill Via Equity Bank by simply following the steps below:

How to pay using Equity Mobile ’ :

1. log in to the Equity Mobile app 

2. Select the Pay (Paybill) Option

3. Select the Bank account to pay from

4. Select Pay to (Biller)

5. Search gotv and select 

6. Enter the Gotv account no

7. Enter the amount and click pay bill

You will receive a confirmation SMS upon completion of the transaction.

How to pay using the Equity Bank’s USSD Service:

1. Dial the short code *247#

2. Select Pay Bill from the pop-up menu displayed

3. Select Enter business number

4. Key in the business number 423655

5. Enter your DStv bill account number

6. Enter the Amount

7. Select the account to pay from

10. Confirm the payment details and enter your m-Banking PIN to complete the transaction

11. You will receive a confirmation SMS upon completion of the transaction

How to pay Govt via CBA Bank Using Short Code SMS:

1. Dial the CBA mobile banking short code *654#

2. Enter your pin on the screen prompt

3. Enter option 9 for bill payment

4. Enter option 1 for DSTV bill payment or 2 for GOTv bill payment

5. Select the account to pay from

6. Enter the DSTV or GOtv account number

7. Enter the amount you would wish to pay

8. Enter your PIN to confirm the transaction. You should get an SMS confirming the success of your transaction

Using CBA Mobile App:

Step 1:Log in using your phone number and PIN.

Step 2:On the menu, select “transact”

Step 3:Select “Pay Bills”

Step 4:Select account to debit

Step 5:Select DSTV or GOTV

Step 6:Enter utility account number & amount

Step 7:Enter the one-time-password sent to your phone to authorize