Keeping up with developments in the mobile phone industry and generally tech space can be hard at times and maybe most times. It can be due to the vigor and rapidness of technological advancements in relation to the foregoing time and price.

It is tricky. But phones have formed a part of our daily lives other than being the primary driver of basic communication – social media and networking – and it is not only that.

People also use cell phones to listen to music, watch videos, access other downloaded files and media, learn, take pictures, and as a money-generating device, as in blogging and vlogging.

For these, leading mobile phone manufacturers like Apple, Nokia, China’s Huawei, Samsung, and Redmi phone maker Xiaomi, among other consumer electronics companies, are pushing their limits to invent smart devices that embody life-changing innovations and intelligence that meet customers’ needs.

There are many things to consider before shopping for a cell phone: brand, size, battery type and capacity, camera, RAM and ROM, charging port, and others. But the more advanced a phone is, the more it is expensive.

So whether you’re after a larger screen, storage, better networking, or faster screen refresh rate, we’ve pulled together the best phone dealers in Kenya where you can buy cheap and affordable phones for every kind of user. Check out our picks;

1. Jumia

Get the best deal of the season when you buy a phone from Jumia, your one-stop shop for all your mobile device needs.

This Kenya’s biggest online retailer offers the best cell phone deals at a glance alongside faster delivery for convenient shopping and a hassle-free return policy.

At Jumia, there are several dealers, individual stores, and resellers who list almost every mobile phone brand, such as Infinix, Nokia, Google, LG, Tecno, Samsung, Oppo, iPhone, and OnePlus, with discounts ranging from 10-50% and even 60% on early Black Friday deals.

For instance, you can order a new Tecno Spark 10C online at merely Ksh17,000, almost Ksh4,000 cheaper than the local market price.

2. Carrefour

Generally speaking, who doesn’t know Carrefour, ranked the third-biggest hypermarket and supermarket chain by sales in 2021 after recording sales of €1.07 billion? Its home office is in Massy, France, but it operates its Kenyan discount stores mainly from its economic dynamo, Nairobi.

At Carrefour stores, you get the best mobile phone deals of up to 11% price cut for new and original vintage to top-of-the-line Apple and Android phones. The good thing is that you can shop online.

3. Zuricart

Zuricart is a Nairobi-based direct-to-consumer electronics dealer specializing in selling upscale new and used mobile phones and other tech products at competitive prices than most retailers near you.

Their online shop is one of the best places to buy feature phones, preowned and latest Apple phones, Android phones, tablets, and other accessories due to its lowest price guarantee, 7-day return policy, delivery tracking, and other after-sales services.

4. Phonetronics

Phonetronics Kenya has an outstanding selection of affordable mobile phones that appeal to budget shoppers. Whether it is the latest Tecno, Redmi, Infinix, Vivo, Realme, or Itel, you can buy it at their online store, making it a top choice for convenience.

Aside from that, you can order a phone and pick it up at your doorstep in 1-2 days, as shipping is done every day from Monday to Saturday.

5. Masoko by Safaricom

Masoko is a solid marketplace if you are looking to buy an original phone. They sell phones from reputable brands like Apple, Samsung, Tecno, Vivo, Nokia, and Xiaomi. You can also buy Safaricom branded Neon phones and 5G smartphones upon making an online order, a pretty straightforward process.

Masoko deals in brand-new phones, which are shiny and appealing but pricey compared to many online shops and phone stores in Kenya. However, you enjoy same-day delivery within Nairobi and its environs, and you can pay for the products using Safaricom Bonga Points.

6. Kilimall

Walking to your obvious store to purchase a new cell phone might not be the best option if you want to save up on your upgrade.

Instead, you can find deep discounts at Kilimall, especially when you buy new, used, or refurbished mobile phones on weekly specials such as during Black Friday or any other Flash Sale.

Kilimall’s website is easy to navigate when ordering cell phones online, with its product description area having all its details and photos and the seller’s information, making it a trustworthy site.

The online retailer normally processes orders within 1-6 business days before products are delivered to customers.