NSE is the Kenyan stock exchange: In full, it is the Nairobi Securities Exchange and not the Nairobi Stock Exchange, as many usually call it.

And just like the USA’s NYSE, the New York Stock Exchange, the largest stock exchange in the world, NSE is where the equity shares of public companies in Kenya are bought and sold.

By its worth, it is one of the leading African exchanges with a market capitalization of Ksh179 billion or approximately 1.3 billion USD right now.

Companies list their shares on stock exchanges to raise capital from interested investors to support their growth needs. At NSE, there are different market segments called the Equities Market, to which companies list:

They are the Main Investment Market Segment, Alternative Investment Market Segment, Growth Enterprise Market Segment (GEMS), Real Estate Investment Trusts and Exchange Traded Funds, all with varying listing requirements that a company must meet to be listed.

The listing requirements are focused on the company size, as in share capital. For instance, for a company to be listed in the NSE’s Main Investment Market Segment, its net assets should be valued at more than Ksh100 million before going public and not less than Ksh20 million for those eyeing the Alternative Investment Market Segment.

Nairobi Securities Exchange: Company Listings 2024

Today, we are going to look at the big companies which are on NSE in Kenya. As stated, they are those on the Main Investment Market Segment.

Here are they;

1. Kakuzi plc
2. Sasini plc
3. Car and General (K) Ltd
4. Absa Bank Kenya plc
5. BK Group plc
6. Diamond Trust Bank Ltd
7. Equity Group Holdings
8. HF Group plc
9. I&M Group plc
10. KCB Group plc
11. National Bank of Kenya Ltd
12. NCBA Group plc
13. Stanbic Holdings PLC
14. Standard Chartered Bank Kenya
15. The Cooperative Bank of Kenya
16. Eveready East Africa Ltd
17. Kenya Airways Ltd
18. Nation Media Group plc
19. Sameer Africa plc
20. Standard Group plc
21. TPS Eastern Africa Ltd
22. Uchumi Supermarket plc
23. WPP Scangroup plc
24. ARM Cement plc
25. Bamburi Cement Ltd
26. Crown Paints Kenya
27. E.A Cables Ltd
28. EA Portland Cement Co Ltd
29. KenGen Co
30. Kenya Power & Lighting Co plc
31. Kenya Power & Lighting plc
32. Kenya Power & Lighting plc
33. TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya
34. Umeme Ltd
35. Britam Holdings plc
36. CIC Insurance Group
37. Jubilee Holdings Ltd
38. Kenya Re-Insurance Corporation Ltd
39. Liberty Kenya Holdings
40. Sanlam Kenya plc
41. Centum Investment Co plc
42. Olympia Capital Holdings Ltd
43. Nairobi Securities Exchange plc
44. B.O.C Kenya plc
45. British American Tobacco Kenya plc
46. Carbacid Investments plc
47. East African Breweries plc
48. Mumias Sugar Co Ltd
49. Unga Group Ltd
50. Safaricom plc

The companies listed above are the biggest and most valuable ones whose shares can be bought by the public as it is listed in the Kenyan stock market NSE as of 2024.