Two children died on Monday in Mogadishu, Somalia, the authorities said, after being swept away by floodwaters caused by heavy rains that have pounded the capital over the past few days.

The torrential rain that soaked Mogadishu, swamping roadways and forcing road closures, was also blamed for displacing 325 families. Fast-moving water destroyed 11 houses, and officials were calling for voluntary evacuations after several drainage systems in the city broke water-level records.

By Monday night, emergency responders had conducted several water rescues and hundreds of people had been sheltered.

The extent of the destruction caused by the flash flooding won’t be known until it ceases, and then the residents and officials can begin surveying the damage.

The frequency and severity of such floods in Mogadishu have been on the rise over the years, leading to increased concerns about the impacts of climate change.

These climatic changes, combined with existing challenges such as political instability and poverty, amplify the impacts of such disasters, worsening the problems of the affected populations.