Modern Coast Express: The Best Low-Cost Way to Travel in Kenya

How do I book Modern Coast Express buses online?

The level of competition in the public transport sector in Kenya has increased sharply in recent years, attributable to a significant number of new entrants in the coach and matatu business. Despite this, an old logistics company started in 1985, Modern Coast Group of Companies of Modern Coast Express buses, is still among the well-known long-distance coach operators in the...

Is There Newest Kenya Police Recruitment for 2023?

Is there police recruitment in 2023?

Even though the Kenya Police Service is rife with circumstantial and situational stressors by virtue of the tasks involved, such as crime prevention, detection, and other law enforcement services as an integral part of the criminal justice system that ensures law and order, many people especially the youth still want to be part of the policing force due to...

Using Mash Poa Bus Services in Kenya

Mash Poa routes and fares 2023

Numerous transportation options exist in Kenya, but some are sparse, like rail services, not everywhere is connected with railways, or expensive; a good example of this is air transport, which will not only drain your pocket but is inconvenient since many places lack a nearby airport. It makes traveling by bus a complementary and viable means of reaching places. Buses...

Standard Chartered Kenya Instant Transfer Fees to Mpesa 2024

The latest Standard Chartered to Mpesa charges

Each day, someone somewhere in the world is banging their head against a brick wall trying to figure out how to pay for goods taken and services received, but at least not in Kenya. Luckily, mobile money, especially Mpesa, is sort of ingrained in our culture, or perhaps in the DNA or even heart; not because of fear of change,...

How to Protect Your Safaricom Line From SIM Swap Attack

How to block Safaricom sim card sim swap

SIM swapping, SIM hijacking, SIM jacking, and SIM splitting are tied action words that describe fraudster doings of taking over a customer's SIM card and bypassing the Two-factor authentication (2FA) or any other multi-factor authentication systems using illegally obtained personal data for defraudation. Putting it plainly, a subscriber identity module (SIM) swap is when a fraudster replaces your SIM card...

Fares From September 2023 – Guardian Angel Buses Kenya

Guardian Angel buses routes and prices

Parts of Kenya, from Nairobi through Nakuru to Kisumu and Kakamega, are among a network of routes served by the Guardian Coach, known for its Guardian Angel buses. Many of the Guardian Angel routes run all night, delivering an effective and efficient transport service to all those travelers who wish to travel throughout the seasons. As the country's economy continues to...

Bank Short Codes and Paybill Numbers for Mpesa and Mobile Banking in Kenya


In Kenya, almost all banks have a short USSD code and a paybill number that lets their customers access financial services directly from their phones without physically visiting their branches or offices to get the same. The dedicated code allows for managing specific bank accounts, viewing balances, withdrawing money, changing PIN or password, and getting any other related services by...

Get Tahmeed Bus Tickets Online in Kenya

Places (destinations) and Tahmeed fares 2023

Air conditioners? Check. Free WiFi? Check. Reclining seats? Check. Flat-screen TVs? Check. Phone charging outlets? Check, check, check! Getting around Kenya in a comfortable, safe, reliable and affordable way is possible with Tahmeed buses. Tahmeed buses provide several city-to-city travel and express routes to get you where you want stress-free, even outside Kenya. Whether you are travelling from Nairobi to...

How to Add Money to Mpesa From StanChart Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank account to Mpesa charges

Mpesa is a mobile SIM-based money payment service by Safaricom PLC. It allows people to send and receive money easily offline, locally or internationally, especially after the introduction of Mpesa Global. With Mpesa, you can make both internal, Mpesa to Mpesa transfers and paying merchants Pay Bills and Tills, and external transactions paying other mobile networks' numbers and receiving money...

Sauti Sol Will Reunite at Kendrick Lamar’s Show in South Africa After ‘Last Dance’

Sauti Sol Solfest 2023 musical show

They once sang Tujiangalie, Sura Yako, Nishike, Feel My Love, Short N Sweet, Kuliko Jana, and Rewind. Unconditionally Bae and Still The One - for Sauti Sol, their reality reflects their art. This Kenya's most successful boy band announced, "Don’t miss the chance to be a past of Sauti Sol's last dance," their last performance ever as a group at their self-curated concert SolFest, set to be on November 2, 2023,...