DStv is one of the best pay-TV services you can subscribe to in Kenya with a range of plans and pricing options, each having a unique scattershot of content like current and old movies and TV shows, classic favorites, news, live sports, including some pretty nice Originals from its sister service Showmax.

Since 1995, DStv (meaning Digital Satellite Television in full), a brand of MultiChoice Group that started in South Africa, has been spreading entertainment love across borders, and Kenya is among the 16 African countries hosting main DStv MultiChoice offices. These countries are;

1. Angola
2. Botswana
3. Eswatini
4. Ethiopia
5. Ghana
6. Kenya
7. Malawi
8. Mauritius
9. Mozambique
10. Namibia
11. Nigeria
12. Tanzania
13. Uganda
14. Zimbabwe
15. Zambia
16. South Africa

How much is DStv?

The monthly subscription price of DStv depends on the type of package that you choose according to your budget and programming preference. DStv has six primary tiers, and the cheapest plan in Kenya is DStv Lite, which goes for Ksh650 per month, up to Ksh9,900 for the Premium package with over 175 channels.

Subscribers who want an extensive TV offering pay more for most. Check out all DStv packages and what it will cost you;

Detailed price breakdown of every DStv plan in Kenya (2023)

DStv packages in Kenya Lite Access Family Compact Compact Plus Premium
Monthly price Ksh650 Ksh1,300 Ksh1,850 Ksh3,500 Ksh6,200 Ksh9,900
Number of channels 51+

10+ HD


10+ HD


10+ HD


25+ HD


30+ HD


40+ HD

The easiest way to pay for your DStv package in Kenya is through Self Service and Mpesa. The DStv pay bill number is 444900, and your account name is Basket ID, available on Eazy Self-Service. Know more through DStv Self Service WhatsApp number +254755896248.

DStv deals, promotions, decoders, and add-on packages

DStv Kenya has been tweaking its subscription packages to include extra features that are lovely to the eye. The most popular deal with many subscribers is linking the DStv decoder with Showmax at Ksh380 for Access, Family, Compact, and Compact Plus packages and for free for subscribers on DStv Premium. This promotion is 50% off the original Showmax plan, usually costing Ksh760.

Here is what you will pay to add add-on packages – Movies, French Plus, French Touch, Indian, Great Wall, and Portuguesa on your DStv bill;

No. DStv add-on packages Monthly price 2023 Extra channels
1 Great Wall Ksh770 10+
2 Movies Ksh800 3 Premium M-Net channels
3 French Touch Ksh920 9+
4 Indian Ksh1,600 4+
5 French Plus Ksh4,100 15+
6 Portuguesa Ksh7,700 11+

DStv Kenya decoders

How much is DStv explora decoder?

To watch movies and other television shows from MultiChoice’s DStv, you must buy a decoder, a small gadget that transforms digital signals into viewable images. DStv has three types of decoder types in Kenya: The cheapest is the HD Zapper Decoder at Ksh2,999 + 1 month of the DStv Family package, then the Explora Decoder with Smart LNB at Ksh30,799 and lastly the most expensive one DStv Explora Decoder, which comes with a Dishkit, Smart LNB, and free Installation priced at Ksh35,999.