KMTC Eldoret, the Kenya Medical Training College located in Eldoret town in Uasin Gishu County, is a research-intensive health science center committed to addressing healthcare inequities in the country and beyond by increasing diversity and representation in medicine through education.

It is one of the nationwide chapters of KMTCs, training a diverse body of students who will uphold the highest standards in the profession and art of healing when they later join the health workforce upon graduating.

With an average student population of 2,000, KMTC Eldoret Campus confers medical diplomas in Community Health Nursing, Radiography and Imaging, Medical Engineering, and Clinical Medicine and Surgery to more than 300 students each year.

Also, there are courses offered at the certificate level, and there are two: a Certificate in Medical Engineering and a Certificate in Medical Emergency Technician.

In total, Eldoret KMTC offers a total of 6 courses that have different admission requirements. Check all;

KMTC Eldoret courses and entry requirements

How to study at KMTC Eldoret

An admission application to KMTC Eldoret is the right choice if you have already earned your high school certificate or KCSE or did not enroll in college/university after completing your secondary school studies.

KMTC Eldoret is always in pursuit of scientific excellence, providing opportunities for students to gain practical experience in a wide range of medical careers.

However, you must meet some requirements to gain admission and study. These vary with courses. Mainly, you must have a C in KCSE for any diploma program and a C- to pursue certificate courses. Here;

No. KMTC Eldoret course Minimum KCSE grade
1. Diploma in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing C
2. Diploma in Radiography & Imaging C
3.  Diploma in Medical Engineering C
4. Certificate in Medical Engineering C-
5. Certificate in Medical Emergency Technician C-
6. Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery C

Specifically, for the Diploma in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing course, the minimum subject requirements are a C in English or Kiswahili and Biology and a C- in Math, Physics, or Chemistry.

It is also a C in English or Kiswahili and biology but included is a must score of C in Physics and a C- in either Chemistry or Mathematics for a Diploma in Radiography & Imaging.

And if you wish to be a medical engineer after studying at KMTC Eldoret, check if you got a C in English/Kiswahili, a C- in Physics and Mathematics, and a minimum of D+ in either Biology or Chemistry in your KCSE.

To do medical engineering at the certificate level, you require a C- in languages and a D in Mathematics and other sciences.

How much is KMTC Eldoret?

The proposed tuition for full-time first-year students at KMTC Eldoret is Ksh82,200 per year, according to the latest fee structure for 2024.

It is Ksh1,500 more than the total payable fee for last year, which was Ksh80,700 spread as Ksh40,700 for the first year first semester and Ksh39,000 for semester two.

Those in their second year of study and third years pay an average of Ksh78,000 per year, distributed equally as Ksh39,000 per sem.

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