MTN Cameroon offers low-cost money transfers that are quick, secure, and instant on its all-in-one mobile money platform MTN MoMo, further allowing bill payments, purchase of airtime, and sending money not only within Cameroon but abroad as well.

Active MTN subscribers initiate the send money process to their family, friends, or business associates by dialing the USSD code *126#, selecting 1 “sending money,” and following the prompts.

Transferring money in this way is quicker and easier than taking out cash or using a cheque, but some charges come along with it as it is not free to send money using the MTN Cameroon line. Even withdrawals cost something.

But MTN MoMo super rates and low fees in Cameroon are hard to beat: For example, sending amounts between 100 FCFA to 10,000 FCFA costs a 50 FCFA transfer fee, and a 0.5% transaction charge applies to amounts above that up to 200,000 FCFA.

Check out this precise table showing all the charges for MTN MoMo in Cameroon;

MTN MoMo send money fees in Cameroon

Amount to send MTN MoMo Cameroon fees (2024)
100 FCFA to 10,000 FCFA 50 FCFA
10,000 FCFA to 100,000 FCFA 0.5% of the amount
100,001 FCFA to 200,000 FCFA 0.5% of the amount
200,001 FCFA to 500,000 FCFA 1,000 FCFA

For MTN MoMo withdrawals in Cameroon, transaction fees are much higher than when sending money.

How much does MTN Cameroon charge to withdraw money?

Between 100 FCFA and 2,499 FCFA, the charge is 50 FCFA to take out cash at any MTN agent outlet spread across Cameroon. Other, A standard 2% withdrawal fee applies – for amounts on transaction bands 2,500 FCFA – 174,999 FCFA and 175,000 FCFA – 250,000 FCFA, and to 500,000 FCFA, it is 3,500 FCFA.