Located along Eldoret-Kapsabet Road in Eldoret City, Kenya, Eldoret National Polytechnic is driven by a shared purpose: To be a Centre of Excellence in Technological Advancement through education, research, and innovation.

Founded to accelerate the nation’s industrial revolution, Eldoret Polytechnic is a profoundly East African, welcoming not only Kenyans but also students from neighboring countries like Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

Thus, it has a diverse community of students whose enrollment average is 12,800 and has an inspiring faculty with industry links who are willing to think outside the box when it comes to teaching the students how knowledge is created and shared and how global problems are solved.

The mission of Eldoret Polytechnic is to achieve excellence in the interrelated areas of engineering, computing, business studies, hospitality management, health sciences, and more, offering all but undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications.

What courses is Eldoret Polytechnic known for?

The most popular courses at Eldoret National Polytechnic include a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Plant), Civil Engineering, Information Communication Technology, Counselling Psychology, Business Management, Digital Journalism, and Broadcast Journalism, which take two years of 6 terms to complete.

It has more than 130 diplomas, certificates, and craft courses on offer for the 2024/2025 cycle. Diploma courses can also be called Level 6, and certificate programs Level 5 with one full year of study before graduating.

Eldoret Polytechnic Courses and Required Fees

All Eldoret Polytechnic courses – 2024

Here is a list of all courses offered at Eldoret Polytechnic, a mix of diploma, certificate, and craft study programs;

1. Diploma in Broadcast Journalism
2. Diploma in Community Development and Social Work
3. Diploma in Sales and Marketing
4. Diploma in Food & Beverages Production
5. Diploma in Fashion Design & Clothing Technology
6. Diploma in Accountancy
7. Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Electronics Option)
8. Diploma in Digital Journalism
9. Diploma in Catering & Accommodation Management
10. Diploma in Software Development
11. Child Care and Protection Officer Level 6
12. Diploma in Automotive Engineering
13. Diploma in Architecture
14. Certificate in Petroleum Geoscience

Certificate in Petroleum Geoscience Kenyans
15. Diploma in Civil Engineering
16. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Plant)
17. Diploma in Applied Biology
18. Diploma in Environmental Science
19. Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
20. Computer Science Level 6
21. Diploma in Computer Studies
22. Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Telecommunication Option)
23. Diploma in General Agriculture
24. Diploma in Food Science Technology
25. Diploma in Guidance and Counselling
26. Diploma in Project Management
27. Certificate in Tannery and Leather Technology
28. Craft in Leather Technology
29. Diploma in Transport Management
30. Housekeeping and Accommodation Level 6
31. Diploma in Tour Guiding
32. Library Information Science Level 5
33. Diploma in Plant and Services Engineering
34. Diploma in Banking & Finance
35. Diploma in Health Records and Information Technology
36. Craft Certificate in Accounting
37. Diploma in Supplies Chain Management
38. Diploma in Business Management
39. Human Resource Management Level 6
40. Diploma in Tourism Management
41. Diploma in Information Communication Technology
42. Counselling Psychology Level 6
43. Diploma in Counselling Psychology
44. Diploma in Applied Statistics
45. Craft Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (Automotive Option)
46. Social Work Level 6
47. Craft Certificate in Banking & Finance
48. Craft in Building Construction
49. Business Manager Level 5
50. Certificate in Business Management
51. Craft Certificate in Catering & Accommodation Operation
52. Industrial Chemistry Level 6
53. Diploma in Journalism & Media
54. Diploma in Human Resource Management
55. Diploma in Agriculture Engineering
56. Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology
57. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences
58. Diploma in Medical Engineering
59. Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetic Management
60. Craft in Information Communication Technology
61. Diploma in Chemical Engineering
62. Diploma in Land Surveying
63. Craft Certificate in Cooperative Management
64. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Production)
65. Certificate in Child Care Protection
66. Diploma in Cooperative Management
67. Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Control & Instrumentation)
68. Craft Certificate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Power Option)
69. Craft in Electrical and Electronic Technology
70. Craft in Electrical Installation
71. Certificate in Fashion Design
72. Craft in Fashion Design and Garment Making
73. Diploma in Front Office Operations and Customer Care
74. Biotechnology Technician Level 6
75. Instrumentation & Control Engineering Technician Level 6
76. Certificate in Food and Beverage Production, Sales & Services
77. Food and Beverage Production (Culinary Arts) Level 5
78. Diploma Building Technology
79. Certificate in General Agriculture
80. Certificate in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy (CDACC)
81. Craft Certificate in Human Resource Management
82. Craft in Information Communication Technology
83. Craft in Information Studies
84. Certificate in Journalism and Mass Media
85. Certificate in Land Survey
86. Science Laboratory Technician Level 6
87. Diploma in Secretarial Studies
88. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Automotive)
89. Craft Certificate in Archives and Information Services
90. Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Power Option)
91. Craft Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (Production Option)
92. Welding and Fabrication Level 5
93. Craft in Motor Vehicle Technology
94. Motor Cycle Mechanics
95. Craft in Nutrition and Dietetics
96. Diploma in Information Studies
97. Craft Certificate in Plumbing Level 5
98. Craft Certificate in Water and Sanitation
99. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Level 6
100. Human Resource Management Level 5
101. Craft Certificate in Road and Bridge Construction
102. Craft in Sales and Marketing
103. Craft in Science Laboratory Technology

What courses is Eldoret Polytechnic known for?
104. Certificate in Secretarial Studies
105. Social Work Level 5
106. Certificate in Community Development & Social Work
107. Craft Certificate in Supplies Chain Management
108. Craft in Tour Guiding and Operations
109. Diploma in Petroleum Management
110. Diploma in Child Care and Protection
111. Craft in Welding and Fabrication
112. Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development
113. Diploma in Entrepreneurial Agriculture
114. Diploma in Welding and Fabrication

All Eldoret Polytechnic courses
115. Artisan Certificate in Electrical Installation
116. Artisan Carpentry & Joinery
117. Trade Test in Leather Works
118. Motor Cycle Mechanics 3
119. Certificate Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
120. Artisan in Welding and Fabrication
121. Artisan in Store Keeping
122. Certificate in Agricultural Engineering
123. Information Technology Level 6
124. Food and Beverage Production (Culinary Arts) Level 6
125. Plant and Services Engineering Level 5
126. Automotive Engineering Level 5
127. Construction Foreperson Level 5
128. Diploma in Water and Sanitation Engineering
129. Geophysical Exploration Technology Level 6
130. Food & Beverage, Sales and Service Manager Level 6
131. Diploma in Health Records and Information Technology
132. Certificate in Health Records and Information Technology

How much does Eldoret Polytechnic cost per year?

The estimated cost to attend Eldoret Polytechnic is approximately Ksh56,420, which includes Ksh34,120 tuition fees, Ksh4,000 for class practical, Ksh2,000 student medical fees, Ksh800 for transport and a similar amount for electricity and water bills, Ksh1,200 for student union membership and miscellaneous personal expenses.

Eldoret National Polytechnic’s latest fee structure for 2024 shows that government capitation, including HELB, totals Ksh30,000, and the parents and guardians shoulder the Ksh26,420 remainder, which is settled fully on admission day.