Nationally recognized for its high academic standards and as the only university in Vihiga County, Kaimosi Friends University (KAFU holistically develops the next generation of leaders through personalized education that gives each student a unique opportunity to become a productive, original thinker and a problem solver in today’s complex world.

Established in 2015, Kaimosi Friends University, KAFU, or just Kaimosi University, specializes in innovative improvements in various education programs it offers, leading to a degree.

What courses is Kaimosi University known for?

Kaimosi Friends University has 22 diverse undergraduate programs, all housed under its five main divisions or departments, namely the School of Computing & Information Technology, School of Science, School of Business & Economics, School of Education & Social Sciences, and School of Health Sciences.

These degree courses on offer in the 2024/2025 cycle take four years to complete and are affordable in some way. They include a Bachelor of Science in Biology, whose fee is Ksh224,400, a Bachelor of Science in Economics costing Ksh183,600, similar to Economics and Statistics, a degree in Early Childhood Education, and a Bachelor of Commerce, among a few others.

A degree in nursing, optometry and vision sciences, clinical medicine, and computer science at Kaimosi Friends University is slightly expensive as its tuition fees range from Ksh275,000 to above Ksh300,000. Check out all its courses with its respective fee structure here;

Kaimosi Friends University degree courses and fees in 2024

No. Course name Fee (2024)
1. Bachelor of Science (Biology) Ksh224,400
2. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Ksh306,000
3. Bachelor of Science in Nursing Ksh275,400
4. Bachelor of Commerce Ksh183,600
5. Bachelor of Education (Arts) Ksh183,600
6. Bachelor of Arts (Criminology and Criminal Justice) Ksh153,000
7. Bachelor of Education (Science) Ksh244,800
8. Bachelor of Social Work Ksh153,000
9. Bachelor of Science in Economics Ksh183,600
10. Bachelor of Science (Applied Statistics, with IT) Ksh244,800
11. Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education Ksh183,600
12. Bachelor of Science (Economics and Statistics) Ksh183,600
13. Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Economics and Resource Management) Ksh275,400
14. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Ksh275,400
15. Bachelor of Education (French) Ksh183,600
16. Bachelor of Science (Mathematics with IT) Ksh224,400
17. Bachelor of Science (Physics with Appropriate Technology) Ksh224,400
18. Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) Ksh224,400
19. Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine and Community Health Ksh275,400
20. Bachelor of Science (Mathematics & Economics, with IT) Ksh224,400
21. Bachelor of Science (Optometry and Vision Sciences) Ksh275,400
22. Bachelor of Disaster Management & International Diplomacy Ksh153,000

How many students are at Kaimosi Friends University?

studying and graduating at Kaimosi Friends University

Kaimosi Friends University reported having more than 4,000 students on campus after admitting 1,118 in 2022. Currently, the total student population is nearly 5,000.

The university, as a constituent college of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST), is headed by an acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ogodo, M.J. Nandi, and Dr. Josephine S. Namwetako is the head of the Dean of Students Office.