Nehema Institute in Eldoret is proud to offer one of the most affordable private college tuition in Kenya. On average, students at Nehema Institute Of Science and Technology (Nist), as known in full, pay Ksh9,600 per term for diploma courses and Ksh8,600 per term for certificate courses. Those studying at a higher diploma level pay a tuition fee of Ksh10,500/term in 2024.

As a minority institution, like many private colleges in the country, Nehema Institute demonstrates excellence in education through an emphasis on quality teaching in a small classroom setting thanks to its experienced and dedicated faculty leading as mentors as they engage the students in experiential learning, joint research, and keen intellectual guidance.

Academics are the first and foremost reasons for joining this learning institution because its students can easily choose what to study based on their passions since it offers a distinct blend of technical and business courses certified by Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC), National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) programs, education programs by Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examinations Board (KASNEB), short courses and more:

KNEC Technical and Business courses at Nehema Institute – 2024

The Nehema Institute Of Science and Technology academic experience allows each prospective student to find the perfect path for their skills and interests when choosing courses to study at the institution.

Here, why you pursue any KNEC Technical and Business course, you can graduate with either a certificate, diploma or a higher diploma academic qualification;

Nehema Institute diploma and certificate courses

In this guide, ‘Cert’ means Certificate, ‘Dip’ is Diploma, and H/Dip is Higher Diploma

See all the courses offered at Nehema Institute Of Science and Technology in Eldoret;

1. Cert/Dip/Higher Diploma in Human Resource Management
2. Cert/Dip/Higher Diploma in Sales and Marketing
3. Cert/Diploma in Information Communication Technology
4. Cert/Dip/Higher Diploma in Secretarial Studies
5. Cert/Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics
6. Art/Cert/Diploma in General Agriculture
7. Cert/Diploma in Community and Social Work
8. Art/Cert/Diploma in Food and Beverage
9. Cert/Diploma in Accountancy
10. Cert/Diploma in Co-operative Management
11. Cert/Diploma in Library, Archives and Information Science
12. Dip/Higher Diploma in Applied Biology
13. Art/Certificate in Plumbing
14. Art/Cert/Diploma in Electrical Engineering
15. Cert/Diploma in Supplies Chain Management
16. Cert/Dip/Higher Diploma in Food Science and Technology
17. Dip/Higher Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
18. Dip/Higher Diploma in Medical Engineering
19. Cert/Dip/Higher Diploma in Business Management
20. Cert/Diploma in Fashion Design and Weaving
21. Cert/Diploma in Tourism Management
22. Cert/Diploma in Banking and Finance
23. Cert/Diploma in Road Transport Management
24. Cert/Diploma in Water Engineering
25. Cert/Diploma in Catering and Accommodation

Some KASNEB courses you can study at the Nehema Institute Of Science And Technology in Eldoret include Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Certified Secretaries (CS), Certified Investment and Financial Analysts (CIFA) and Certified Credit Professionals (CCP) whose minimum entry grade is usually a C+ in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination.

Its short courses, which take three months to complete, help to fill up knowledge gaps in Counselling and Psychology, Statistical Planning, Hotel and Catering, HIV and Aids Management, and training nurse aides.

courses at Nehema Institute

On the other hand, NITA courses by the National Industrial Training Authority at Nehema Institute ensure an adequate supply of properly trained manpower in the fields of motor vehicle mechanics, automotive electricians, brick makers, tilers, masons, painters and decorators, gas pipeline welders, carpenters, hairdressers, tailors, community health experts, and a few more others.

Interestingly, there are also driving classes at a Ksh10,000 total fee to learn how to drive light vehicles, Ksh15,700 to know light trucks, Ksh9,000 for ultimate licensing as a taxi or a bus driver, and Ksh8,700 for eventual motorcycle riders.

Further, you can join Nehema Institute and do computer packages at Ksh2,200 per package or Ksh8,000 each for advanced ones. However, to join this institute, there are qualifications to meet: a KCSE mean grade of C- for diploma courses, D+ for certificate courses, and D- and below for artisan programs.

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