A dial tone is the sound produced when a dial pad is pressed, and a dial pad is where the 123# numbers are located on your phone or where you usually go when you want to make a call.

When you buy a new mobile device, either of Android or iPhone OS, you will find the dial pad already pre-installed as one of the most basic phone applications (it is actually called ‘Phone’ on many phones) because, without it, you cannot make a call or ask for phone balances, or make other USSD requests as in mobile payments like Mpesa.

However, hitting this dial pad when the dial tone is on can be irritating as it produces a high-pitched sound. It can be worse when you must dial the USSD or phone numbers repetitively. So, how can you turn off the dial tone in your phone?

How to turn off dial tone on Android

This works for most Android phones like Redmi, Tecno, Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, OnePlus, Vivo and others. It is pretty a straightforward process…

1. On your phone, access the dial pad application or Phone app
2. In the first face of the app, click the menu – the three dots arranged vertically, like this︙, near the Search Contact area and then go to ‘Settings’
3. In the opened Settings options, navigate to ‘sounds and vibrations’
4. Then to ‘Additional settings’
5. You will see Dial pad tones. Put them off

In this section, you can also turn off the screen locking sound, charging sounds and vibration, and other touch sounds.


Additionally, you can just go directly to the Settings app on your phone > Search settings – ‘Dial’ > Dial pad tones and switch them off. Easy.

How to turn off dial tone on iPhone

You can get rid of the annoying dial tones on your iPhone by following this simple guide;

1. Go to the iPhone settings
2. Open the ‘Sound & Haptics’ option
3. Then scroll down to Keyboard Feedback
4. Turn off ‘Sound’

How to turn off dial tones on my phone

By doing this, you have removed the dial tones on your iPhone.