Digital pay TV and streaming services have completely revolutionized how we consume television content like films, live sports, movies, and TV shows.

Back in the day, Zambians had little choice in what they watched as there were just four or five TV channels on the analog platforms.

But now, thankfully, in the boom of subscription TV and streaming services, more than 250 channels are available for watching in the country across various networks, and almost half of these channels can be viewed using GOtv.

GOtv is a digital terrestrial platform operated locally by GOtv Zambia and owned by MultiChoice. It is not a free-to-air service. Users pay a monthly subscription fee to access its channels.

Subscribers can choose from various packages among its six total pricing tiers, which include GOtv Supa+, GOtv Supa, GOtv Max, GOtv Plus, GOtv Value, and GOtv Lite, its basic package for K35 monthly but with minimal channels.

GOtv Supa+ is GOtv Zambia’s most expensive bouquet, going for K520 a month, but it is included with over 75 channels that let you watch whatever you’re into, from drama to comedy to documentaries, Premier League action, drama, and so on.

How much is GOtv in Zambia?

Check out the latest price of GOtv subscription today for each package and the number of channels you will watch when you buy them;

GOtv package type Price in 2024 Channels number
GOtv Supa+ K520 per month 75+
GOtv Supa K300 per month 65+
GOtv Max K255 per month 55+
GOtv Plus K190 per month 40+
GOtv Value K120 per month 25+
GOtv Lite K35 per month 15+

Besides the GOtv Lite package being the cheapest plan of GOtv in Zambia, it has flexible allowable payment terms aside from the per month basis, and you can pay K95 quarterly or K360 per year.

Here are its 15+ channels, which include plenty of local TV and radio

GOtv Lite Zambia channel list:

2. ZNBC 2
3. Power TV
4. Diamond TV
5. Prime TV
6. City TV
9. Parliament
10. Emmanuel TV
11. Hot FM
12. Sun FM
13. Rock FM
14. Power FM
15. Phoenix FM
16. ZNBC 1
17. ZNBC 4

How much is a GOtv Decoder?

How much is a GOtv Decoder?

GOtv decoder is a must-have digital receiver you need to buy if you need to upgrade your TV in Zambia. In 2024, it costs K599, and upon purchasing and successfully installing it, you get one month of GOtv Supa subscription.