NCBA to Mpesa is when you transfer funds from your bank account directly to your Safaricom number with an active Mpesa for use on purchases and sending money to friends and partners.

It is a secure money transfer system intended for instant payments from your bank to your mobile wallet account linked to your bank account. You can also send money to other people registered on Mpesa or Airtel Money.

This post shows the fees and service charges when withdrawing cash from NCBA to Mpesa in 2024. These are the default charges that apply every time you make a money transfer to Mpesa

With NCBA Bank, sending amounts below Ksh100 is free, and the highest amount you can be charged as transfer fees is Ksh67 when you send the maximum allowable limit of Ksh150,000. Check out all charges;

From NCBA amount; To Mpesa charges Airtel Money
Ksh1 – Ksh100 FREE FREE
Ksh101 – Ksh500 Ksh10 Ksh11
Ksh501 – Ksh1,000 Ksh12 Ksh18
Ksh1,001 – Ksh1,500 Ksh14 Ksh20
Ksh1,501 – Ksh2,500 Ksh23 Ksh25
Ksh2,501 – Ksh3,500 Ksh33 Ksh35
Ksh3,501 – Ksh5,000 Ksh43 Ksh45
Ksh5,001 – Ksh7,500 Ksh55 Ksh55
Ksh7,501 – Ksh20,000 Ksh65 Ksh65
Ksh20,001 – Ksh150,000 Ksh67 Ksh65

For Pesalink online or mobile, amounts up to Ksh500 are free to transfer to Mpesa, and the minimum you can send is Ksh10. On the other hand, a standard service fee of Ksh50 applies for Ksh501 to Ksh10,000, and money above that is subject to Ksh100 constant transfer fees to the maximum limit.

Getting your NCBA account statements is free, but when you forget your PIN, you will pay Ksh15 for a reset.

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