GOtv Lite is the name of GOtv Malawi’s own cheapest package in Malawi, which includes 13+ TV channels at MWK3,800 monthly but with other payment plans, MWK9,000 quarterly (three-month period) and MWK20,900 yearly.

It is the only GOtv subscription plan having a flexible payment option as the others GOtv Value, GOtv Plus, GOtv Max, GOtv Supa, and GOtv Supa+ have their contracts tied to one month.

GOtv Lite channels – 2024

Because GOtv Lite is the base package of GOtv Malawi, it has a minimal number of channels, 13, than other plans, as when you move up its tiers, prices and the number of channels increase.

For instance, the next subscription package after GOtv Lite is GOtv Value, having two more channels but at MWK9,000 per month, MWK5,200 more than the Lite package, which costs MWk3,800/month as seen.

The one after GOtv Value is GOtv Plus, with over 30 channels at MWK16,000 per month. It is like that up to GOtv Malawi’s most expensive package, GOtv Supa+ or GOtv Supa Plus, whose subscription price is MWK43,000 monthly with 65+ channels.

Check out below for the list of channels in GOtv Lite in Malawi. Mostly, they are local channels for news, drama, sports updates through SuperSport Blitz, religious content, and more;

List of GOtv Lite channels in Malawi

1. SS Blitz (Channel 60 )
2. MBC (Channel 15 )

GOtv channels in Malawi today
3. Times (Channel 17 )
4. Zodiak (Channel 18 )
5. Mibawa TV (Channel 19 )
6. JimJam (Channel 80 )
7. Faith (Channel 110 )
8. Islam (Channel 111 )
9. Emmanuel TV (Channel 112 )

Channels on GOtv Malawi
10. Al Jazeera (Channel 71 )

Audio channels;
11. Times FM ( 301 )
12. Zodiak FM ( 302 )

To get started on GOtv in Malawi, buy a GOtv decoder currently priced at MWK49,999. It comes with a free monthly Supa subscription, a package that has over 60 channels, normally costing MWK31,000 per month.

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