RVTTI, the Rift Valley Technical Training Institute, is one of Kenya’s renowned technological research institutions advancing knowledge, critical thinking, and innovation across academic and professional disciplines.

RVTTI is located in Eldoret. It was founded in 1962 as a technical and trade school and was made the technical training institute it is in 1986 after becoming a high school first in 1979, which took A-level learners majoring in mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

Students from around and nearby countries choose RVTTI for its excellent educational programs that pave the way to a brighter future, for it is on a mission to train competent and innovative manpower in technical and vocational disciplines to meet the changing needs of industry and society.

This school teaches technical skills from the basic level of crafts to the diploma, its highest academic offering. Some of the programs you can graduate with a diploma from RVTTI include accounting, food technology, quantity surveying, architecture, agriculture, and more. There are also some certificate courses. See more;

RVTTI course list and qualifications

Rift Valley Technical Training Institute diploma courses and fees

Here are the comprehensive study programs that prepare RVTTI students for unparalleled career opportunities and their KCSE minimum qualifications before applying to pursue them.

The minimum cut-off mark for universities in Kenya is a C+, but the Rift Valley Technical Training Institute is classified as a TVET institution taking admission of high school graduates who scored even a D Plain in their KCSE examination. However, the minimum qualification for most diploma courses at RVTTI is C- and above.

No. RVTTI courses Minimum KCSE grade
1. Diploma in Applied Biology C-
2. Diploma in Food Science and Technology C-
3. Diploma in Petroleum and Geoscience C-
4. Diploma in Chemical Engineering C-
5. Diploma in Analytical Chemistry C-
6. Craft in Petroleum Geoscience D Plain
7. Craft in Food and Beverage D Plain
8. Craft Certificate in Food Processing and Preservation Technology D Plain
9. Craft in Science Laboratory Technology D Plain
10.  Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics C-
11. Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology C Plain
12. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Instrumentation) C-
13. Diploma in Information Science C-
14. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology C Plain
15. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics (Power) C-
16. Diploma in Business Management C-
17. Diploma in Environmental Science C Plain
18. Diploma in Agriculture C-
19. Diploma in Human Resource Management C-
20. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Plant) C-
21. Diploma in Civil Engineering C-
22. Diploma in Automotive Engineering C-
23. Craft in Automotive Engineering D Plain
24. Diploma in Medical Engineering C-
25. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Production) C-
26. Craft in Welding and Fabrication D Plain
27. Artisan Certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanics D-
28. Diploma in Civil Engineering C-
29. Craft in Building Technology D Plain
30. Artisan in Plumbing D-
31. Diploma in Quantity Survey C-
32. ICT Technician – Level 5 (CBET) D Plain
33. Computer Science Level 6 C-
34. ICT Technician – Level 6 (CBET) C-
35. Records and Archives Management Level 5 D Plain
36. Records and Archives Management Level 6 C-
37. Instrumentation & Control Level 6 C-
38. Food and Beverage Production (Culinary Arts) Level 6 C-
39. Welding and Fabrication Technology Level 5 D Plain
40. Welding and Fabrication Technology Level 6 C-

RVTTI fee structure and cost of attendance 2024

The latest billing information from the Rift Valley Technical Training Institute (RVTTI) shows that the school charges a standard fee of Ksh67,189 for all courses. This represents the total tuition cost plus government aid in HELB scholarships for newly admitted students.

It is, however, not included with the Ksh1,000 admission fee, Ksh500 for students’ ID cards, and the same amount for social activities, specifically RVTTI Students Union.