Numerous transportation options exist in Kenya, but some are sparse, like rail services, not everywhere is connected with railways, or expensive; a good example of this is air transport, which will not only drain your pocket but is inconvenient since many places lack a nearby airport. It makes traveling by bus a complementary and viable means of reaching places.

Buses are an affordable way to travel around the country and far. Aside from saving you some cash in the tough economy, it is environmentally beneficial as it reduces the carbon footprint as we buy time to transition fully to electric cars – maybe.

There are several coach lines that provide low-cost travel due to capacity-controlled pricing models that see passengers paying a capped bus fare when traveling along specific routes, providing a lifeline to those from the furthest picking point.

One such coach line is Mash Poa of Mash East Africa. It provides cheap luxury travel through major intercity routes and rural areas. Check out how much you will pay to ride to your destination;

Mash Poa routes and fares 2023

Mash Poa buses have an extensive network along popular travel routes that extend beyond Kenyan borders. From Nairobi to Mombasa, Mombasa to Mumias, Kitui to Mombasa, Nairobi to Malindi, and Eldoret, it goes to Kampala in Uganda and Rwanda’s Kigali.

Here are the latest Mash Poa bus transportation costs for Normal – VIP seats:

Booking from; Destination Mash Poa ticket charges
Ahero Mombasa Ksh2,500 – Ksh3,000
Eldoret Mombasa Ksh2,500 – Ksh3,000
Malaba  Mombasa Ksh2,500 – Ksh3,000
Kakamega Kericho Ksh1,500
Kakamega  Voi Ksh2,500 – Ksh3,000
Kakamega Nairobi Ksh1,500
Mumias Mombasa Ksh2,500 – Ksh3,000
Mombasa Kisumu Ksh2,500 – Ksh3,000
Kampala  Nairobi Ksh3,000 – Ksh4,000
Nairobi Busia Ksh1,500 – Ksh3,000
Nairobi Rongo Ksh2,500 – Ksh3,000
Nairobi Kilifi Ksh1,600 – Ksh2,200
Emali Malindi Ksh1,600 – Ksh2,200
Migori Mombasa Ksh2,500 – Ksh3,000
Mombasa  Mumias Ksh2,500 – Ksh3,000
Mombasa  Migori Ksh2,500 – Ksh3,000

when can I book Mash Poa?

Mash Poa buses are comfortable, fitted with cozy leather reclinable seats, where you can nap while racking up the miles to your destination. For an enhanced passenger experience after waking up, or if you are the nocturnal type, a free Wi-Fi network is available to keep you connected to your favorite TV show on the journey.

And you don’t have to worry about draining your phone battery. Mash Poa has power outlets for accessible devices’ charging to make you productive on the go. Let’s not talk about VIP treatment…

How to book Mash Poa online

Follow these steps to get your Mash Poa bus ticket on your phone.

1. Visit
2. On the homepage, fill in the Easy, Safer, and Convenient booking form with your departure and dropping point in the ‘From’ and ‘To’ sections

Mash Poa routes and fares 2023
3. Enter your date of travel and go to ‘Search’ to check available Mash Poa buses
4. A list of scheduled buses will appear. View your best suit and click ‘View Seats’ to proceed with online booking
5. On the next page, confirm departure, destination, and fare prices and choose your sitting position on the bus
6. Go to ‘Continue’ then continue as a guest if you do not have a Mash Poa account to access the Passenger Details section
7. Fill in your personal details like name, contact, ID number, and nationality
9. Now click ‘Make Payment’ to receive a Mpesa payment instruction on your phone
10. Enter your PIN to buy the ticket. You will receive a message from Mash Poa East Africa with ticket details, which is printable on its website

Alternatively, Paying Mash Poa’s bus fare is possible through Mpesa pay bill number 857988 only after receiving your booking code, which arrives via SMS a few minutes after completing step 10.

how to get mash poa tickets faster