Transline Classic, or simply Transline, has become an iconic way of transportation known for its low fares on bus tickets, convenient pick-up and drop-off locations, and direct inter-county service.

Its shuttles and buses provide daily passenger service to over ten major locations across Kenya with affordable prices, convenient schedules, and online booking.

Its routes cover the areas of Awendo, Birongo, Bondo, Kaplong, Kehancha, Kenyenya, Sori, Oyugis, Sondu, and more, and it connects to cities Nairobi, Nakuru, and Kisumu.

How to book Transline Classic online

Book your Transline bus ticket online on their site, check ride schedules, compare bus fares, pay with Mpesa, and find Transline’s reviews to help you plan your next bus trip.

Transline bus fares in 2024

Transline bus fares in 2024

Transline Classic uses a flat fare system for its bus and shuttle services in Kenya. Now, its adult bus fare per trip is Ksh1,500.

Here are the routes where Transline charges a simplified bus fare of Ksh1,500 in 2024;

* Nairobi – Kisii – Migori – Kehancha
* Nairobi – Kisii – Migori – Sirare
* Nairobi – Kisii – Oyugis – Sondu – Kendubay
* Nairobi – Kisii – Rodi – Sori
* Nairobi – Kisii – Rodi – Homa Bay – Mbita
* Kehancha – Migori – Kisii – Nairobi
* Mbita – Homa Bay – Nairobi
* Kendubay – Katito – Oyugis – Kisii – Nairobi
* Sori – Rodi – Kisii – Nairobi
* Kisii – Nairobi
* Sirare – Nairobi

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