Okay, these days, people love easy money. I am not sure. Maybe they want easy money, and maybe they don’t, but the economy is hard, or they are too lazy. What I know is looking for this easy cash is harder and cannot be fit for these types of people as the infamous “Nothing comes easy.”

I joined Instagram recently, and I was scrolling through Reels (a habit I have formed over time in a short time since signing up, but I don’t really like it) in the past or the other week, I saw a video of a man claiming you can earn like $2,500 per day on Google News!

Wow! I was interested. I watched a little but scrolled past it. I never saved that short video because I was not serious, for I knew, almost automatically, that it must be a hoax – you know you should know these things – but I regret it.

I regret it because I don’t have that particular video to use right now as my point of reference when telling you how to forget about making any money on Google News. I needed to revisit it, watch it, and further explore the intricacies behind making quick money on this Google News; intricacies because these are the same people saying you can make money on AI seated somewhere.

Luckily, even though I can’t find that reel video on search, and someone should tell Mark Zuckerberg that the Instagram search engine has always been poor, and also can’t recall the name of its creator, I still remember the name of a certain website he mentioned in that video. I had a clue that it was “AARP.” I had researched about it that early morning.

So today, as I was searching Instagram “make money Google news,” hoping to find the video I am talking about but failed, I clicked on one by a user named Allan on How To Make Money Online, in which he also speaks about making $750/day utilizing Google News, but I did not watch the video to the end because I was discouraged by the number of engagements, as the likes and comments on that video were small such that the lies not yet propagated to the entire population. With time, it can. Many people are looking for ways to make money on Google News. The first one was very popular, which is why I found it randomly.

My ambitions didn’t die there. I searched “Money Google News,” but still, I couldn’t see that original video. I headed to Google on Chrome and searched “Make Money Google News Instagram,” and even though I still couldn’t see it, I found a popular video, now by a woman named Bita Barzili.

The video is popular with many engagements like the original one, so I tapped on it to access it. Right! At first glance, I saw ‘visit AARP’ and knew that that was the website I had a glimpse of in my mind. Maybe this could replace the original one.

There, she has outlined the steps of making money on Google News as follows;

1. Go to Google News
2. Pick the category of interest
3. Select an article
4. Highlight the text and click on « Copy. »
5. Proceed to Quillbot and paste the article, then click « Paraphrase » to generate a fresh version
6. Next, visit AARP – AARP offers $1 for every word in an article
The typical article contains around 500 words, equating to $500 per article

But wait! Don’t waste your time. At least you could save it for some important things like work.

AARP and Google News

AARP and Google News

When you look at the AARP website, AARP makes available trustworthy news, entertainment, and insights tailored to people 50 years and above. It is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization with a long record of ensuring elected officials in the United States address the issues that matter to all Americans age 50-plus, including protecting Social Security and Medicare. But do they accept articles from Google News?

Well, generally, AARP The Magazine accepts story ideas and pitches via pubspitches@aarp.org, but Story idea letters should be no more than one page long and should provide links to recent writing samples. Your letter should present your idea, give details on how you would approach it, provide some sense of your writing style, and name the section of the magazine for which the piece is intended, as one of the rules before pitching as stipulated in its Writer’s Guidelines, because it covers stories of diverse categories including Work and Money, Health and Fitness, Consumerism, Technology, Travel and more across North America and general.

However, here is the catch for those looking forward to copying articles from Google News, rewriting using AI writing tools like Quillbot and Grammarly, supplying it with a nice title, submitting to AARP, and making money: “If you submit a plagiarized pitch, we will blacklist and block you,” AARP’s cautionary advice to writers reads, due to a deluge of plagiarized and A.I.-generated submissions from overseas, it says, adding “If you submit a pitch written by AI, we will blacklist and block you.”

Whatsoever, you can’t make money on AARP using Google News unless you write original stories and have links to your recent writing samples as indicated in its writer guidelines.

Finally, as a journalist, there is no way you can make money online on Google News because despite it being your ‘source’ for trustworthy news stories personalized to you based on your likes and interests, its work is basically indexing news stories from media houses and it is not the original original source as it says. Thus, it is not easy for Google News to make money from the content posted on it unless from link referrals and own advertisements and things like that. I am there, and I have never made a single cent!