Sacco is the short form of Savings and Credit Co-operative Society. When they are many, they are Saccos. These are nonprofit financial organizations, similar to credit unions in operations, which work towards the financial well-being of their members by offering slightly cheap conditions on their loan products than traditional banks.

When comparing Saccos and banks, they are similar in some functionalities as they both offer a variety of deposit accounts, high-yield savings accounts, loans, credit accounts, and even checking accounts, with a number of them giving ATM and debit cards to their members.

However, Saccos differ from banks in that they are categorized as nonprofit financial institutions, investing back a significant portion of interests earned from loans into the products they offer or pay as dividends to members, unlike banks which invest their interests elsewhere, for example, in real estate and government security and give profits to shareholders.

Since Saccos are owned by members, some Saccos accept membership from only a category of people; for instance, for the United Nations DT Sacco, only the staff of United Nations Agencies, Diplomatic Missions, and their immediate family members can join, but there are Saccos which welcomes everybody to join as long as you meet the laid out eligibility requirements.

To join a Sacco in Kenya, you need a National ID card or passport, KRA PIN, passport-sized photograph, and an opening deposit which varies from one credit union to another. These Saccos are licensed by the government agency Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA), the regulator of all the Deposit Taking and Specified Non-Deposit Taking Sacco Societies in Kenya.

If you want to be a member of these Saccos and you are in Nairobi, ensure you join a SASRA-licensed Sacco to guarantee the safety of your deposit and benefit from reasonable interest rates as a member:

Which Saccos are licensed by SASRA in Nairobi? (2023)

These are depoit-taking Saccos in Nairobi which received an operational license from the Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority for a period starting from January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023:

No. Name of the licensed Sacco Physical location in Nairobi
1 Afya Sacco Society Ltd Afya Centre, Tom Mboya Street
2 Airports Sacco Society Ltd Airports Sacco Building, JKIA
3 Ardhi Sacco Society Ltd Survey of Kenya Field HQ, off Thika Road
4 Asili Sacco Society Ltd Asili Co-op Centre, Ngara
5 Chai Sacco Society Ltd KTDA Plaza, Moi Avenue
6 Chuna Sacco Society Ltd Engineering Department UON, Harry Thuku Road
7 Defence Sacco Society Ltd Department of Defence HQ, Hurlingham
8 Elimu Sacco Society Ltd Elimu House, Mubiru Road, South B
9 Harambee Sacco Society Ltd Harambee Co-op Plaza, Haile Selassie Avenue
10 Hazina Sacco Society Ltd Hazina Sacco Place, Kibera Road
11 Jamii Sacco Society Ltd Jamii Sacco Court, South B
12 Kencream Sacco Society Ltd Creamery House, Dakar Road
13 Kenpipe Sacco Society Ltd Kenpipe Plaza, Industrial Area
14 Kenversity Sacco Society Ltd Kenversity Plaza, Kahawa Sukari 
15 Kenya Bankers Sacco Society Ltd Kenya Bankers Sacco Centre, 3rd Ngong Avenue
16 Kenya National Police DT Sacco Society Ltd Kenya Police Sacco Plaza, Ngara Road
17 Kimisitu Sacco Society Ltd AEA Plaza, Valley Road
18 Kingdom Sacco Society Ltd Empower House, Githurai 45
19 Magereza Sacco Society Ltd Mageso Chambers 1st floor, Moi Avenue
20 Maisha Bora Sacco Society Ltd Unilever Kenya Office, Industrial Area
21 Metropolitan National Sacco Society Ltd Chai House, Koinange Street
22 Mwalimu National Sacco Society Ltd Mwalimu Towers, Upperhill
23 Mwito Sacco Society Ltd Mwito House, Desai Road
24 Nacico Sacco Society Ltd Nacico Plaza, Landhies Road
25 Nafasi DT Sacco Society Ltd NCPB Nairobi Grain silos Complex, Donholm
26 Nation DT Sacco Society Ltd 1st floor Cambrian Building, Moi Avenue
27 NSSF Sacco Society Ltd Social Security House, Bishops Road
28 Nyati Sacco Society Ltd Odyssey Plaza, South B
29 Safaricom Sacco Society Ltd Safaricom Care Centre, Westlands
30 Sheria Sacco Society Ltd Sheria Sacco House, Matumbato Close
31 Shirika DT Sacco Society Ltd Shirika Co-op House, Kipande-Ngara Road
32 Shoppers Sacco Society Ltd Nature House, Tom Mboya Street
33 Stima DT Sacco Society Ltd Stima Sacco Plaza, Parklands
34 Strategic Urembo Sacco Society Ltd Lunga Lunga Square, Industrial Area
35 Taqwa Sacco Society Ltd Jamia Plaza, Kigali Street
36 Telepost Sacco Society Ltd Nairobi City Square Post Office
37 Tembo Sacco Society Ltd Tembo Sacco Complex, Garden Estate Road, Ruaraka
38 Ufanisi DT Sacco Society Ltd Development House, Moi Avenue
39 Ukristo Na Ufanisi wa Anglicana Sacco Society Ltd ACK Emmanuel Church, Riruta
40 Ukulima Sacco Society Ltd Ukulima Co-operative House, Nairobi City Centre
41 Unaitas Sacco Society Ltd Cardinal Otunga Plaza, Kaunda Street
42 Ushuru Sacco Society Ltd Ushuru Sacco Centre, Kilimani
43 United Nations Sacco Society Ltd UN Sacco Building, Gigiri
44 Wana-anga Sacco Society Ltd Meteorological HQ, Ngong Road
45 Wanandege Sacco Society Ltd Wanandege Plaza, Embakasi
46 Waumini Sacco Society Ltd Applewood Adams Building, Adams Arcade

SASRA: The table above shows the 46 licensed deposit-taking Saccos in Nairobi as of 2023.