Cape Town is the second-largest city in South Africa after Johannesburg and the seat of the Parliament of South Africa.

It is a major tourist destination, being the oldest town located along a long stretch of the Atlantic Coast in the Western Cape and dotted with iconic sites like Cape Point, Groot Constantia, Kirstenbosch, Robben Island Museum, Table Mountain Cableway, and V&A Waterfront.

Further, it is one of the leading financial centers in South Africa, hosting some international corporations like electronics company Hisense, consumer goods company Unilever, pharmaceutical production facility Johnson & Johnson, media house Thompson Reuters, etc. This means that the success rate in doing business in Cape Town is high, and your small business can do well due to the ready market, good infrastructure, and the peaceful environment that the ‘Mother City‘ provides.

Cape Town offers an open market for many small businesses, and the trick is knowing how, when, and where to invest your money. If you are looking to start a business in Cape Town, here are some business ideas you might consider:

Top 10 profitable small business ideas in Cape Town

1. Mobile cleaning services

Top 10 profitable small business ideas in Cape Town cleaning services industry

With a multiplicity of office blocks, restaurants, worship centers, and residential homes in Cape Town, a mobile cleaning business might be a lucrative venture for you. You only need to make purchases of soaps and vacuum cleaners, which are relatively cheap. The good thing is you can operate from your home and work on a part-time basis, too.

You can get customers on social media when you market your job. Pay rates are usually high when you clean offices compared to homes.

2. Daycare business

Cape Town is buzzing with business activities, and many parents are fully engaged at work and have no adequate time to look after their kids when they are out to hustle. This has turned the daycare service into a profitable business one can start and make good money.

To start a daycare business in SA, obtain a police clearance report (PCR), and ensure your area of operation is suitable for children’s development. You can boost your income by acquiring an Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) certificate from the South Africa Qualification Authority (SAQA) to teach the children as you babysit them and earn an extra Rand.

3. Agribusiness

Cape Town has fertile soils and a perfect Mediterranean climate to favor the growth of crops such as beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and onions.

Profitable business ideas south africa cape town agriculture

Agribusiness is very profitable in Cape Town, thanks to its population of over 4.8 million, which provides a ready market for agricultural products. Thus, demand is always higher than supply, and venturing into the agribusiness sector can be very rewarding for anyone.

4. Jewelry Making

South Africans have a unique sense of fashion and style. In addition, Cape Town attracts over 5 million tourists each year, and taking advantage of this by starting a jewelry business and selling them as a way of making a living can make you amass significant returns.

To start a successful jewelry business, have a creative mind and a passion to learn and embrace emerging fashion trends.

5. Mobile food service

Starting a mobile food service is a profitable small business opportunity in Cape Town because you don’t have to own a retail location. You can cook from home and make deliveries to offices and shops to make a profit.

To appeal to more customers, introduce free deliveries, attractive packaging, and give discounts. Most importantly, make well-cooked food.

6. Tea shop

Food business in capetown new ideas

Most South Africans drink tea. It is the ‘national drink’ in South Africa, unlike coffee, which is considered fairly expensive. It is easy to start a tea business in Cape Town as it requires a low start-up cost because sugar, milk, and tea leaves can be bought cheaply in most local shops.

7. Mobile salon

If you are a makeup artist or have hands-on experience in beauty and cosmetology, you can start a mobile salon and provide services to people with tight schedules by visiting them at their homes. It requires a small investment to purchase instruments such as hair clippers, powder brushes, manicure sets, etc.

8. Event planning

Event management doesn’t necessarily require in-depth skills, expertise, or talent. If you are generally a good planner, you qualify to organize events – this is one of the most profitable small businesses in Cape Town.

You can start by investing in affordable sound systems at less than R2,500 and host small parties like birthdays and kids’ parties. Because of guaranteed quick returns, you will make more money within a short time by hosting corporate events that pay well.

9. Financial consulting

Business ideas in cape town finance

Do you have a winsome set of financial skills? You need to find a commercial space to let in Cape Town and start receiving customers seeking money advice on savings, mortgages, and real estate investing in South Africa.

Many people need financial assistance: how to make proper investments and learn ways of managing their finances to realize accomplished goals and financial security.

By providing this service, you will charge your customers an hourly rate or a fixed price, and you will make enough income for yourself.

10. Data analytics business

In Cape Town, there are a lot of business enterprises. All businesses rely on data to make crucial decisions like determining the target market and finding out the response of their product in the general public.

You can start a data analytics company and source data for these companies. Data analytics require computer proficiency and the ability to manipulate big data timely and accurately, keeping up with the market flow.