The NIBS Student Portal is a dedicated online platform designed to provide students of NIBS Technical College with easy access to essential academic resources and information. The portal is a one-stop solution for students to manage their academic activities efficiently. It enables them to view their course schedules, track their academic progress, access course materials, and receive important updates and announcements from the college administration.

To access the NIBS Student Portal, students need to log in with their unique credentials provided by the college.

Once logged in, they can communicate with their instructors, submit assignments, and access examination results. The portal’s user-friendly interface makes it convenient for students to navigate various sections and find the necessary information. By offering a centralized system for managing academic affairs, the Portal ensures that students have a seamless and organized learning experience.

NIBS Elearning Portal 

The NIBS Elearning Portal is an innovative digital platform designed to enhance the learning experience for students at NIBS Technical College. It offers a wide range of online resources and tools, allowing students to access course materials, engage in interactive learning activities, and collaborate with peers and instructors. The portal’s primary goal is to provide a flexible and convenient learning environment that accommodates diverse learning styles and preferences.