Established in 1999, Zetech University is a private university located along Thika Road in Ruiru, that started as a small Information Technology college but has grown and evolved to push the boundaries of knowledge on topics that range from Communication, Teaching, Finance, and more through its specialized 21 undergraduate courses.

The university took its name from Zenith – which means the highest point in the sky, and Technologies because it offered IT-oriented courses. In 2014, Zetech University management had an interest in elevating the then-college to a higher learning institution. With respect to the Universities Act of 2012 and the University Regulations of 2014, they applied to the Commission for University Education (CUE) for the authority to establish a university.

Zetech received the Letter of Interim Authority in that year (2014) after receiving a go-ahead from CUE, and it continued to develop its physical facilities and academic resources until August 2022, when it was granted a Charter as Zetech University.

Since then, this modern private university has made a place among the top academic institutions in Kenya. Find out what it takes to study at Zetech University:

Zetech University degree programs, academic requirements, and cost of study 2023

Zetech University courses and fees 2023

Zetech’s undergraduate students have the opportunity to pursue any of its 21 courses provided they meet the described requirements as described in the sections below.

N/B: The stated costs are billed in the first year’s Student Account Statement for the 1st Academic Year that starts in September 2023.

1. Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science

Zetech University offers a degree in Actuarial Science, a study that employs mathematical data, functional business components, and technology in assessing the risks associated with financial systems like pension plans and insurance.

To study this undergraduate course at Zetech, you must meet these requirements;

* Minimum of C+ in your KCSE
* Minimum of C+ in the core subjects Mathematics and English
* Meet the cut-off point of 19.914
* Cost of study: Ksh142,600

2. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Computer Science degree at Zetech University teaches students the fundamentals of computation and skills to create future technology.

To enroll in this undergraduate program, you must;

* Have a minimum of C+ in KCSE
* Have a C plain and above in Mathematics, English, and Physics/Physical Science
* Meet the cut-off mark of 18.638
* Cost of study: Ksh142,600

3. Bachelor of Commerce

This program of study at Zetech University prepares students to be productive human resources in today’s competitive business world.

To be admitted to undertake this degree at Zetech, you must meet these minimum requirements;

* Have a KCSE grade of C+ and above
* In the core subjects Mathematics and English/Kiswahili, you must have a C Plain or equivalent at O level and or A level
* Meet the cut-off mark of 21.444
* Hold a recognized Diploma with a minimum of C- in KCSE
* Bachelor of Commerce at Zetech Uni costs Ksh130,600

4. Bachelor of Education Arts

Zetech’s degree in Education Arts is an interdisciplinary program that prepares learners to be teachers and educators for secondary schools.

To join and do Education Arts at Zetech University, you must satisfy these entry requirements;

* Have a minimum grade of C+ in KCSE
* Have a C+ and above in Mathematics and English
* Meet the 22.358 cut-off mark
* May have relevant KNEC Diploma
* Bachelor of Education Arts fee of Ksh104,300

5. Bachelor of Business Administration and Management

Zetech University Business Administration program offers high-level training in management and finance, preparing students for various lead roles in companies. To pursue this course, ensure you meet these requirements;

* You must have a minimum of C+ in KCSE
* A minimum of C in Mathematics and English
* Meet the cut-off mark of 21.444
* Pay the Ksh130,600 fee for Year 1

6. Bachelor of Journalism

At Zetech University, Bachelor of Journalism course lies in the School Of ICT, Media & Engineering in the Department of Media Arts and Design. Here students are taught the evolution and the changing state of mass media and production to keep up with the accelerated pace of the Communications and Public Relations sectors.

To study this undergraduate program, you must have a C+ and above in KCSE with a minimum of C+ (Plus) in English, Kiswahili, or its equivalent. Zetech University fees for the Journalism degree for September Intake 2023 is Ksh142,600, and the cut-off mark is 22.916.

7. Bachelor of Economics and Statistics

Graduates from Zetech University’s School Of Business & Economics who pursue Bachelor of Economics and Statistics matriculate with the ability to critically analyze the concepts of scarcity, comparative advantage, marginal analysis, opportunity cost, efficiency, and equity implications to become major policymakers at various economic models in a company or a country.

But before joining Zetech for this undergraduate program, here are the requirements to meet;

* Must have a KCSE mean grade of C+ and above
* Must have a minimum score of a C+ in Mathematics and English
* Satisfy the entry cut-off mark of 19.914
* Pay the requisite fee of Ksh130,600

8. Bachelor Of Science In Hospitality And Tourism Management

By studying Hospitality and Tourism Management course at Zetech University, you learn about industry dynamics and insights to gain knowledge for application in real challenges. It prepares you for a successful and fulfilling career in the local and international hospitality industries.

To secure a slot at Zetech University for a degree in Hospitality And Tourism Management, you must;

* Have a minimum grade of C+ in KCSE
* Have a C Plain in either English, Kiswahili, or a foreign language, a C in one Biological Science, and also Chemistry, Physics, or Mathematics
* Meet the cut-off mark of 24.231
* Pay the required First Year fee of Ksh142,600

9. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

With the expansion of mobile technologies, a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Zetech may easily land you a job in Kenya because of the rising demand for skilled professionals who can manage information systems and solve technological problems.

To study this course, you must have a C+ and above in KCSE and a C Plain in Mathematics, English, and Kiswahili and meet the 18.638 cut-off mark. Zetech University fees for a Bsc in IT is Ksh142,600 for new students who will enroll in the September Intake 2023.

10. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Technology

Many mobile applications are under development. You never know what comes tomorrow. Just like AI. A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Technology from Zetech holds practical value when it comes to behavior analysis to develop psychologically user-friendly applications that are in line with the working of the human mind and behavior.

It also prepares you for other related disciplines and careers. With this degree, you can be a rehabilitation specialist, mental health expert, psychiatrist, and more. To study it at Zetech University, you must have a mean grade of C+ in KCSE and meet the cut-off mark of 22.916 in the cluster subjects. The cost of studying BPSY at Zetech is Ksh130,600.

Other Zetech University undergraduate courses and fees

No. Zetech degree course Fees 2023
11 Bachelor of Business Information Technology Ksh142,600
12 Bachelor of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Ksh130,600
13 Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy Ksh130,600
14 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics Ksh142,600
15 Bachelor of Science in Media and Digital Communication Ksh142,600
16 Bachelor of Accounting and Finance Ksh130,600
17 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Applied Physics Ksh142,600
18 Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering Ksh142,600
19 Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with Technology Ksh130,600
20 Bachelor of Science in Health Systems Management Ksh142,600
21 Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Technology Ksh130,600