What happens if I lost my national ID?

if your identification card has been either lost or stolen, the very first thing you do is make a Report to the nearest police station.

If you require to replace your Kenyan Id you can visit The National Registration Bureau, which is in charge of the registration and issuance of ID cards in Kenya.

The bureau also provides an opportunity for Kenyans to replace lost or defaced IDs through the bureau offices, which are located within respective County Commissioners’ offices or chief’s camps.


How can I replace my lost National ID in Huduma Centre?

Huduma Centre also offers a replacement for lost National IDS. It takes about ten days to get this vital document. Take a look at the process below from start to finish.

  • Visit your nearest Huduma Centre.
  • If you have yet to apply for a police abstract from your local police station, you can still get one from the police desk at Huduma Centre.
  • Take the police abstract to the Identification desk.
  • You will be asked to pay Kshs.100 to process the new ID.
  • Fill out the replacement form correctly.
  • The helpdesk team will ask you for your passport photo and take your fingerprints.
  • You will be given a waiting card as your temporary identification document.
  • Once the ten days are over, return to Huduma Centre to pick up your new ID, and remember to carry the temporary card.


Please note that the above process is for lost IDs only. First-time applicants must visit the National Registration Bureau.