The New digital number plates in Kenya were launched in 2022 to curtail fraud cases such as vehicle theft and terrorism. They have a QR code, serial number, microchip, hologram, and Kenyan flag. As such, all vehicle owners are required to replace their old ones. The New Digital number plates will cost you Kshs. 3,000 and Kshs 1,500 for motorcycle owners. The steps for acquiring this number on a digital number plate go as follows. 

  1. Log into the TIMs portal.
  2. Click Vehicle Registration
  3. Go to Reflective Number Plate and click apply.
  4. The page will redirect you to your list of vehicles. 
  5. Pick the vehicle you want and verify the details before clicking next.
  6. Give your reasons for applying for the reflective number plate, otherwise known as the digital number plate.
  7. Choose your preferred method of notification, i.e. sms or email.
  8. Pick the type of front and back number plate, i.e. oblong or square.
  9. Select the collection office
  10. Upload a copy of the original logbook and an image of the number plate in pdf form on the Lost/Defaced number plate and Tape Lifting report section. However, you won’t need a Tape Lifting Report.
  11. Confirm the details and pay Kshs 3,050 via Mpesa.

Once done, wait for NTSA to notify you via SMS and email to collect your digital number plate so you can start enjoying the benefits listed.