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Complete Guide to Change Back Safaricom Airtime to Cash


Your Safaricom airtime can be a valuable addition to your wallet when facing financial hardships and needing small cash to cover unexpected expenses and unpaid bills.

This is because, luckily, there are many apps to help you convert this airtime to cash in Kenya such that figuring out the best among them can be overwhelming as it is hard to know which one you will get reasonable value for your credit airtime when you change it back to real money.


Of course, if you are broke, you would consider an airtime-to-cash conversion app that is the cheapest to maximize the cash you will get after a successful conversion.

Also, you will go for the quickest to save time, and app size will also be a factor. Hence it is better to understand the type of app you will work with.

To help you with this, most apps that facilitate changing Safaricom airtime to cash in the country charge an average conversion fee of 75%, but there is one app in particular that has the lowest rates in the market – this is the Teleswap by Teleshop Kenya.

The biggest advantage of Teleswap is that you get to swap your mobile refill for real money at the lowest exchange rate of 70%. Also, the transaction is fully online and you get your cash instantly on your Mpesa wallet. Here is how you can get started today;

Converting Safaricom airtime to cash affordably

Follow these steps to convert your airtime to money;

1. Get started by downloading the Teleswap app from Google Play. It takes just merely 6 MB of your phone storage size

Can you convert Safaricom airtime to Mpesa cheaply?
2. The app will install in seconds. Tap ‘Open’ to access the app after successful installation
3. On its homepage, head to ‘CONVERT AIRTIME TO CASH’

Which app convert airtime to mpesa instantly and cheaply?
4. Choose the amount to convert and click ‘CONVERT’
5. Provide your Safaricom number with the airtime to change back to cash and with an active Mpesa account on the next page. Here, you will see the amount you will receive after a successful airtime credit flip. Click on ‘CONVERT AIRTIME’ to finish up the process

converting safaricom airtime to mpesa money

Your Safaricom mobile recharge will be flipped to cash after Teleswap’s system completes the request automatically, and the money will be deposited on your Mpesa. These funds are withdrawable as cash at agent outlets countrywide.

It is a straightforward process since Teleswap: Buy & Trade Airtime app is reliable and has favorable exchange rates.


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