From Mombasa to Nairobi across to Kisumu, Eldoret, Busia, Malaba, Kakamega, Maseno, Luanda, and all other points, far and wide, Dreamline bus service has over 20 routes connecting most parts of Kenya.

Operated by Dreamline Express LTD, these buses are frequent and easy to use, hence offering commuters a desirable and efficient way to get from one place to another.

No matter where you are going, if you choose to travel with one of the Dreamline buses from its modern fleet, you will add comfort and thrilling adventure to your trip for captivating journeys.

Additionally, it offers a flexible ticketing option (online) to save you money and time because Dreamline physical booking offices have limited operating hours.

Booking Dreamline bus tickets on the go – Online

Follow these quick and hassle-free steps to book trips with Dreamline buses in Kenya;

1. Go to Dreamline bus website
2. On the homepage, near the navigation menu, you will see the online booking widget. Fill in the details of your journey in the From and To sections

Booking Dreamline bus tickets online on the go
3. Enter the date you would wish to travel by clicking on the calendar icon
4. Proceed to ‘Search’ to check the availability of buses on the inputted date
5. On the next page, you will view available buses, their amenities, seats, fare prices, routes, and departure times. Choose your most preferred Dreamline bus
6. Customize your trip by supplying detailed info like precise boarding and dropping points and category of luxury seating ( Normal, Business class, or VIP), then tap ‘Continue’ to proceed with your online booking process
7. The Passenger Detail page will open. Give your personal details such as email, full name, ID number, and mobile number as required for easy checkout via Mpesa

Dreamline fare prices latest
8. ‘PROCEED TO PAY’ to receive payment instructions on your phone or enter your Safaricom number and go to ‘Make Payment’

You don’t have to sign up to book and pay for the Dreamline bus online. When you receive the prompt from Dreamline Express LTD, enter your Mpesa PIN and send it.

Wait for a few minutes, like three or so, for your payment to be validated, after which you will receive a message with ticket details to indicate successful online booking.

How much does it cost to ride the Dreamline bus?

Fares vary on routes but for most riders on popular routes like Nairobi – Mombasa – Nyali – Bamburi – Mtwapa, bus tickets cost between Ksh2,000 and Ksh3,500. From Mombasa to Malaba and Kitale, it is around Ksh4,000 and an average of Ksh3,000 fare price for those traveling from Nakuru to Malindi and similar to commuters on the Port Victoria – Nyandorera – Siaya – Bondo – Mombasa route.

Check out its latest fare prices on specific routes;

Dreamline bus route Price (Updated December 2023 – 2024)
Busia-Ugunja-Butere-Sabatia-Kisumu-Mombasa VIP: Ksh3,500

Business: Ksh3,200

Normal: Ksh3,200

Mtwapa-Bamburi-Nyali-Mombasa-Nairobi VIP: Ksh2,200

Business: ksh1,900

Normal: Ksh1,800

Malindi-Mtwapa-Bamburi-Nairobi-Nakuru VIP: Ksh3,100

Business: Kah2,900

Normal: Ksh2,800

Kisumu-Mombasa VIP: Ksh3,300

Business: Ksh3,000

Normal: Ksh3,000

Malaba-Mombasa VIP: Ksh3,600

Business: Ksh3,600

Normal: Ksh3,200

Mumias-Kakamega-Chavakali-Kapsabet-Mombasa VIP: Ksh3,300

Business: Ksh3,000

Normal: Ksh3,000

Mombasa-Kisumu-Sabatia-Butere-Bumala-Busia VIP: Ksh4,000

Business: Ksh4,000

Normal: Ksh4,000

Homabay-Kendu Bay-Oyugis-Kisii-Mombasa VIP: Ksh3,900

Business: Ksh3,600

Normal: Ksh3,600

Nairobi-Mavueni-Kilifi-Watamu-Malindi Normal: Ksh3,000
Nairobi-Mombasa-Nyali-Bamburi-Mtwapa Normal: Ksh2,600
Kitale-Mombasa VIP: Ksh2,800

Business: Ksh2,300

Normal: Ksh2,300

Eldoret-Mombasa VIP: Ksh3,900

Business: Ksh3,600

Normal: Ksh3,600

Mombasa-Kisii-Oyugis-Kendu Bay-Homabay VIP: Ksh3,300

Business: Ksh3,000

Normal: Ksh3,000

Mombasa-Kisumu-Kericho VIP: Ksh3,900

Business: Ksh3,600

Normal: Ksh3,400

Mombasa-Bondo-Siaya-Nyandorera-Port Victoria VIP: Ksh3,800

Business: Ksh3,600

Normal: Ksh3,600

Dreamline bus schedules

Recently, Dreamline Express LTD adjusted its timetable to run at a higher level from its headquarters in Mombasa to different parts of Kenya as many people travel upcountry for December festivities and the new year 2024.

Here is the new schedule and timings;

* 1:30pm Mombasa – Kisumu – Sabatia – Butere – Bumala – Busia
* 2:00pm Mombasa – Eldoret – Webuye – Bungoma – Malaba
* 2:30pm Mombasa – Kisumu – Bondo – Siaya – Nyadorera – Port Victoria
* 3:00pm Mombasa – Kisumu – Yala – Bumala – Ugunja – Busia
* 3:30pm Mombasa – Kapsabet – Chavakali – Kakamega – Mumias
* 4:00pm Mombasa – Eldoret – Matunda – Moi’s Bridge – Kitale
* 4:00pm Mombasa – Narok – Bomet – Keroka – Kisii – Oyugis – Kendu Bay – Homabay
* 4:30pm Mombasa – Kericho – Ahero – Kisumu
* 7:00pm Mombasa – Naivasha – Nakuru
* 7:30pm Mombasa – Naivasha – Nakuru