Equity Bank describes PesaLink as the “epitome of instant payment” when you must process payments between accounts held at different banks and even mobile wallets such as Mpesa.

PesaLink provides 24 x 7 x 365 real-time payment services for the banking industry in Kenya. It is a seamless payment processor established by the Integrated Payments Service Limited (IPSL) of the Kenya Bankers Association in 2015.

It works without needing to handle physical checks to increase efficiency and reduce errors. To register for PesaLink and receive money straight from your Equity Bank account to your Mpesa, follow these steps;

How to link Equity Bank and PesaLink

Link pesalink equity bank

Requirements: You must have the Equitel line used to connect your Equity account to PesaLink

1. On your Equitel SIM, go to the sim toolkit and select ‘My Money’
2. Select ‘My account and go to ‘PesaLink registration’
3. Choose ‘Register account’ and on the displayed Equity Bank accounts, choose the one to link with PesaLink
4. Enter the alias of the account to verify ownership and confirm that you want to link the account to PesaLink
5. Enter your Equitel PIN

You will receive a confirmation message that the registration was successful. Connect your accounts today to receive money from other banks and transfer money easily to your Mpesa.

How much does Equitybank-PesaLink transfer to Mpesa cost?

If you are looking for an affordable payment getaway for moving funds from Equity Bank to Mpesa and other accounts, PesaLink should be your choice. Here are its charges for 2024;

Withdrawal amount from Equity Bank (via PesaLink) To Mpesa charges
Ksh1 to Ksh100 FREE
Ksh101 to Ksh500 Ksh10
Ksh501 to Ksh1,000 Ksh12
Ksh1,001 to Ksh1,500 Ksh14
Ksh1,501 to Ksh2,500 Ksh23
Ksh2,501 to Ksh3,500 Ksh33
Ksh3,501 to Ksh5,000 Ksh43
Ksh5,001 to Ksh7,500 Ksh55
Ksh7,501 to Ksh20,000 Ksh65
Ksh20,001 to Ksh150,000 Ksh67

To learn more about PesaLink and Equity Bank transfers, call 0763000000 for more information.

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