MP Didmus Barasa has bought a new Robinson R66 civil helicopter worth roughly Ksh120 million, a commercial invoice posted online shows, but Kenyans are not happy.

Didmus Barasa helicopter invoice

The Kimilili Member of Parliament purchased this Robinson R66 Turbine Helicopter from JAG Helicopters Sdn Bhd, an exclusive Robinson Helicopter distributor in Malaysia and Indonesia.

MP Didmus Barasa Has Bought Ksh120 Million Helicopter and Kenyans Are Fuming. The Coffers Are Empty!

It was shipped from Subang in West Java, Indonesia, to Nairobi at Wilson Airport. In detail, the commercial invoice shows that Didmus Barasa parted with $760,000, an equivalent of Ksh121,220,000 in the current exchange rate.

Kenyans are not pleased – Not long ago, over the Christmas holiday, Kenyan President William Ruto and the leader of the Kenya Kwanza side, of which MP Didmus is part, said that they inherited empty coffers after his predecessor former president Uhuru Kenyatta ate all the money with his accomplices. He likened it to a granary, saying that even the rats had abandoned it.

He pointed out that that was the reason for high taxes and the ailing economy, but the government is doing everything possible to cool off the pressure.

However, Kenyans are dissatisfied and accuse their leaders of what they see as a waste of funds if after all, it is true that the coffers were empty. Recently, MPs, Cabinet Secretaries, and other government leaders have been seen wearing very expensive watches that cost millions.

Merely two weeks ago, a CS was accused of allegedly embezzling ministry funds and engaging in corrupt practices after unveiling a football tournament and looks to splash nearly Ksh10 million in awards only.

Check out what Kenyans were saying about Didmus Barasa’s case and his Robinson R66 helicopter:

David Mbwana: “Let the man eat. His constituents knew what they were getting into. Happy flying Didmus.”

Otenyo Alex: “In your reporting, learn to separate Kenya as a country and personal net worth. We don’t expect leaders to use their own pocket money to assist Kenya in its struggle.”

Master Bakari: “Amidst economic challenges in Kenya, the acquisition of a Robinson R66 helicopter by MP Didmus Barasa, with a strategic HS code, raises concerns about fair taxation and representation. Prioritizing constituents’ needs should be the focus.”

Magen David: “Kimilili people, we are at peace with our MP. He had done exceptionally well so far. In fact, our strong next governor candidate.”

Speakg254: “It is sad that I believed that “we” were fighting out dynasties, not knowing that the sons and daughters of the peasants wanted to become dynasties by the end of these five years.”