An aspiring social media model, Starlet Wahu, was fatally stabbed on the night of January 3, 2024, allegedly by a 30-year-old man identified as John Matara at a Nairobi Airbnb, Papino Apartments in South B.

The police investigators arrested John Matara at Mbagathi Hospital the following day in connection to Starlet Wahu’s murder after her body was discovered by the apartment owner, Florence Ngina, lying in a pool of blood on the floor of the room they had booked.

“I received a call from the gateman who said that the tenant (John Matara) was running away with blood-stained clothes. I rushed to the house but found it locked. We opened it using a spare key and found the body of a woman (Starlet Wahu) lying in the living room,” she told the police.

Ngina, together with two of her colleagues, went and reported the matter at South B police station in Makadara, who arrived at the scene immediately but found Wahu, 26, already dead from knife wounds to her head and right thigh in what they described as a frenzied attack.

A mobile phone, HIV self-test kit, alcohol, and bhang (marijuana) were found in the room, according to police reports. A bloody kitchen knife used in the fatal stabbing was also discovered.

Initially, the suspect told the crime detectives that he was Wahu’s boyfriend, but the victim’s brother, Victor Kanyari, a city preacher, said: “We had not seen the man before. We learned about him after her death. This is so tragic for us, the family, and even her friends. May her soul rest in peace” during her burial at their home in Kamulu, Ruai, on Saturday, January 6.

Victor Kanyari Family sisters
Victor Kanyari – Starlet Wahu’s brother.

When Matara was arrested, he also had stab wounds on his stomach, and the police are still investigating whether he turned the knife on himself before he is arraigned in court to face murder charges.

Now, a video has emerged showing John Matara and Starlet Wahu arriving happily at the apartments and walking into their room. That day, Wahu wore a stylish red dress, a blue denim coat to match the suspect’s shirt, and black high heels. It reflected her amazing fashion sense as seen in her private Instagram.

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