Chuka University offers students a quality education that prepares them for lifelong success in the future of work as changemakers and problem solvers of tomorrow.

From its location at Chuka, along the Nairobi-Meru highway in Tharaka Nithi County, and four other campuses in Igembe, Chogoria, Embu, and Nairobi, it draws students from across Kenya who are attracted by its strong undergraduate degrees that range from social sciences and arts to business and organizational leadership, agriculture, history, and more.

Chuka University (CU) started as Eastern Campus College in 2004 as a constituent college of Egerton University. Later, in 2007, it was promoted to full university status, making it the first public university in Eastern Kenya.

Check out some of its programs and fees in 2024;

Chuka University fees for undergraduate courses (First years)

Here is what it will cost first-time applicants to study at Chuka University. The fees shown are for the first year of study:

No. Degree course Fee structure (2024)
1. Bachelor of Arts Ksh122,400
2. Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science Ksh244,800
3. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry Ksh244,800
4. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Ksh244,800
5. Bachelor of Science in Biology Ksh224,400
6. Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry) Ksh244,800
7. Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) Ksh204,000
8. Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Ksh336,600
9. Bachelor of Science Ksh224,400
10. Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) Ksh275,400
11. Bachelor of Science (Food Science & Technology) Ksh275,400
12. Bachelor of Science (Nursing) Ksh275,400
13. Bachelor of Commerce Ksh183,600
14. Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) Ksh183,600
15. Bachelor of Education (Arts) Ksh183,600
16. Bachelor of Arts (Criminology & Security Studies) Ksh153,000
17. Bachelor of Education (Science) Ksh244,800
18. Bachelor of Science (Wildlife Enterprise Management) Ksh275,400
19. Bachelor of Science in Physics Ksh224,400
20. Bachelor of Science (Horticulture) Ksh275,400
21. Bachelor of Public Health Ksh275,400
22. Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science and Technology) Ksh244,800
23. Bachelor of Arts (Economics & Sociology) Ksh183,600
24. Bachelor of Science (Economics & Statistics) Ksh183,600
25. Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science) Ksh244,800
26. Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Economics) Ksh275,400
27. Bachelor of Tourism Management Ksh204,000
28. Bachelor of Science in Ecotourism Ksh204,000
29. Bachelor of Science in Information Science Ksh204,000
30. Bachelor of Psychology Ksh153,000
31. Bachelor of Science (Community Development) Ksh153,000
32. Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Management Ksh183,600
33. Bachelor of Agribusiness Management Ksh275,400
34. Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Biotechnology Ksh244,800
35. Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Economics Ksh183,600
36. Bachelor of Science (Animal Science) Ksh275,400
37. Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Management Ksh204,000
38. Bachelor of Arts in History and Economics Ksh183,600
39. Bachelor of Science (Natural Resources Management) Ksh275,400
40. Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication Ksh204,000
41. Bachelor of Hotel Management Ksh204,000
42. Bachelor of Science (Applied Computer Science) Ksh204,000
43. Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy Ksh122,400
44. Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics Ksh275,400
45. Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Education and Extension) Ksh275,400
46. Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies Ksh122,400
47. Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies Ksh204,000
48. Bachelor of Co-operative Management Ksh204,000
49. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Ksh224,400
50. Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Aquaculture Ksh275,400

How to apply

So, you’ve learned about all Chuka University courses and fees and think it may be a great place for you? Nice! Just follow the steps below to learn about completing your application online.

If you just completed high school, applying using the KUCCPS portal is easier. You must have a minimum grade of C+ to pursue any of its course offerings. Private applicants can apply in the following steps;

1. Visit and read the online application and registration guidelines. You’ll need a clear passport-sized photo, scanned ID document, birth certificate, and relevant academic certificates
2. Go to Self Sponsored Students and click ‘Apply’
3. Create your account and make a new application
4. Submit your details and pay the required application fee to the Chuka University bank account. Here are the application fees for every program of study;

* Certificate – Ksh1000
* Diploma – Ksh2000
* Masters – Ksh2000
* PH.D. – Ksh2000
* Post Graduate Diploma – Ksh2000
* Undergraduate – Ksh2000

After paying the application fees, once approved, you will receive the admission letter. Download and complete your admission process.

Chuka University has a student body of over 15,000.

Chuka University fees for undergraduate degree courses