Almost every laundry day, many people reach out to a fabric softener for its pleasant scents because it leaves clothes smelling fresh, cozy, and clean. A good example of this is Downy concentrate.

Downy concentrate is a laundry product, a liquid fabric softener that contains surfactants and other lubricating agents that reduces friction between fabric fibres in clothes to make them feel softer, thus very comfortable against the skin during wear.

Those are not the only advantages. Fabric softeners like downy concentrate also reduce wrinkling in clothes, making it easy to iron them. Further, it prevents clothes from fading by minimizing abrasion on the surface of the linens which are under wash.

How do you use Downy concentrate?

Downy fabric conditioner is best known for its nice smell, wonderful softness, and ease of use during washing because it can be used during hand washing or in a washing machine:

Using Downy concentrate when handwashing

1. Wash your clothes with soap and other detergents up to the rinse cycle
2. Put clean water in a basin, enough for rinsing your clothing
3. Add Downy concentrate and agitate to mix
4. Put your clothes in the water-fabric softener mixture
5. Wait 5 minutes
6. Now rinse your clothes and put them on the hanging line to dry

That is how to use Downy concentrate when hand washing.

Using Downy concentrate in a washing machine

This guide applies if you are using either a front loader or top loader washing machine;

1. Measure out the recommended amount of Downy concentrate in a cap
2. For the front loader washing machine, pour the fabric softener on the automatic dispenser or in the central column for top loaders

How do you use Downy concentrate?
3. Start the washing machine to begin the laundry

Downy concentrate will be released during the spin cycle in the washing machine, and your clothes will be coated with the softener, leaving them fresh and sparkling clean.

How to measure Downy concentrate

When washing your clothes and using Downy concentrate as your preferred fabric softener, put 20ml for every 10 litres of water. Simply, you’ll need 40ml of Downy when cleaning with 20 litres of water.

How much is Downy concentrate in Kenya?

How do you use Downy concentrate?

Downy fabric softener in Kenya costs Ksh20 for a small 20ml sachet and an average price of Ksh600 to Ksh750 for a litre of the conditioner when you purchase it at supermarkets or malls. This product is available countrywide.

Can Downy concentrate be used on all kinds of clothing?

Downy fabric softener is safe for use on all types of fabric EXCEPT for towels, sportswear, swimwear, and microfibre clothes like bathrobes and underwear.

Do not use Downy concentrate on these clothing because, for example, it reduces the porous quality in towels and damages elastane in underclothes, inhibiting its stretching abilities.