If you carry cash to pay someone, you could lose it, or someone could steal it. On the other hand, demand drafts and cheques are slow, especially during emergencies, and that is why using Airtel Money can be the most convenient method to send money in Uganda as it is secure, reliable, processing transactions in seconds, and it has transparent tariffs.

When sending money using Airtel Money, a mobile money service operated by Airtel UG, the 2nd largest mobile phone operator in Uganda, a transfer fee applies depending on how much you send.

What is the cost of sending money using Airtel Money in Uganda?

The minimum amount you can send from Airtel Money in Uganda in 2024 is Ush500, costing a transfer fee of Ush100, and the same fee gets deducted when you send Ush1,000 and below and from Ush1,001 to Ush2,500.

And when you transfer above Ush2,501, it is Ush500. This Ush500 sending fee is maintained across the transaction bands of Ush5,001 to Ush15,000, Ush15,001 to Ush30,000, Ush30,001 to Ush45,000, and the last, Ush45,001 to Ush60,000 then the sending charges increases in the subsequent bands having higher and higher amounts up to the one having the maximum amount you can send per transaction – Ush4,000,001 to Ush5,000,000 – charged a transaction cost of Ush1,000.

Here are all the charges for different amounts;

Note that the sending costs from Airtel to Airtel are in harmony with charges from Airtel to MTN.

Amount to send Airtel Money to Airtel Money charges (2024) Airtel Money to MTN Uganda charges (2024)
Ush500 Ush100 Ush100
Ush501 to Ush1,000 Ush100 Ush100
Ush1,001 to Ush2,500 Ush100 Ush100
Ush2,501 to Ush5,000 Ush500 Ush500
Ush5,001 to Ush15,000 Ush500 Ush500
Ush15,001 to Ush30,000 Ush500 Ush500
Ush30,001 to Ush45,000 Ush500 Ush500
Ush45,001 to Ush60,000 Ush500 Ush500
Ush60,001 to Ush125,000 Ush1,000 Ush1,000
Ush125,001 to Ush250,000 Ush1,000 Ush1,000
Ush250,001 to Ush500,000 Ush1,000 Ush1,000
Ush500,001 to Ush1 million Ush1,000 Ush1,000
Ush1,000,001 to Ush2 million Ush1,000 Ush1,000
Ush2,000,001 to Ush4 million Ush1,000 Ush1,000
Ush4,000,001 to Ush5 million Ush1,000 Ush1,000

What about withdrawals?

Airtel Money withdrawal chart

Airtel users can access the money they receive by withdrawing at any of the 140,000 Airtel money agents or 700 Airtel Money Branches spread across Uganda, Airtel Uganda says. It is by making withdrawals.

When you are withdrawing money from Airtel Money account in Uganda, here are the applicable charges;

Airtel Money withdrawal amount Charges in Uganda (2024)
Upto Ush2,500 Ush330
Ush2,501 – Ush5,000 Ush440
Ush5,001 – Ush15,000 Ush700
Ush15,001 – Ush30,000 Ush880
Ush30,001 – Ush45,000 Ush1,210
Ush45,001 – Ush60,000 Ush1,500
Ush60,001 – Ush125,000 Ush1,925
Ush125,001 – Ush250,000 Ush3,575
Ush250,001 – Ush500,000 Ush7,000
Ush5,000,001 – Ush1 million Ush12,500
Ush1,000,001 – Ush2 million Ush12,500
Ush2,000,001 – Ush4 million Ush12,500
Ush4,000,001 – Ush5 million Ush12,500

The maximum amount of money you can withdraw in one transaction from an Airtel Money account is Ush5 million, but the maximum account balance Ush20 million per day.

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