I have money. By now, you must have understood, declared, implemented, and normalized this rich’s internal and mental saying because it is a measure of success nowadays and even a long time ago. If it’s not, why is Solomon’s riches worth that hype, yet he was in the BC? Maybe money or riches rule the world or human desire in a deeper perspective.

When you say you have money, it is difficult to know whether you have it or you are just lying like everyone because there are people who money has them. A case in point is Babu Owino.

In my life, I am always selective and decisive, and that is why I will be quick to believe when the now Embakasi East legislator utilizes the three-word tongue twister for poor people who boast spiritual opulence. Is it right to tell someone you are with them in their poverty? If it is, then it is a pure lie.

Let me tell you about Babu Owino; did you know he spent over Ksh15m to campaign when he was at UON in 2015? 15m for a million, not meters. Do you first know that his real name is Paul Ongili? 6 years ago, he spent Ksh15 million to fund his third run for the Chairman’s position at the Students Organization of Nairobi University (SONU).

For your info, the born October 10, 1989 politician who graduated in 2012 with First Class honors in Actuarial Science from the University of Nairobi was merely 22 years old when he first led SONU in 2011.

He rejoined UON, the oldest and the biggest university in Kenya, this time pursuing law, and was on the SONU ballot and won his second term in 2014 after Denis Kiogora Dmk and Zack Kinuthia, the former Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) in the Ministry of Education during Uhuru Kenyatta’s tenure, had served one term each in 2012 and 2013 respectively when he was away after completing the Actuarial degree. The Standard reported that he used Ksh4 million, which “came from contributions by students and friends.”

Because of the good leader that he was, he went for the seat again in 2015, for the third time, to break the record as the only permissible and cleared SONU chairmanship candidate to vie three times against the constitution that was very unclear.

His third stabbing saw some Ksh15,465,000 gone, but it was not used to massage the hands of the comrades for support, as you might think, because it was well budgeted for.

In Babu Owino’s campaign budget that clearly outlined the maximum use of each shilling, a big chunk of it went to the essentials like banners, posters, flyers, t-shirts, office supplies, hiring social media campaigners, roadshow trucks, and a public address system which cost almost Ksh6 million.

He also forked Ksh250,000 to purchase flight tickets to UON campuses in Kisumu and Mombasa, and presumably, because these flights would be boring because reportedly thick thighs save lives, the outspoken student leader of his time laid out some Ksh2,200,000 to get the help of 20 female student supporters in 11 constituent campuses who were paid Ksh200 every day for 50 days to provide the ambient environment for tasteful campaigns that would maybe lead to overwhelming support you know.

Babu Owino was SONU how many times

He also donated Ksh1 million to other SONU candidates and won with a landslide victory like normal. Babu Owino was loved as he always echoed the problems faced by comrades in Kenya, and during his period of leadership, university fees were moderate, and Helb used to be dispatched earlier, unlike now.

When his third term ended, he contested for the fourth time in 2017 and clinched the seat after outvoting rivals Suraj Mohamed and Mike Jacobs with over 10,000 votes. He later stepped down after winning ODM nominations for Embakasi East in preparations for the General Elections held in August of that year.

He still represents the constituency for a second term following the 2022 elections. In 2013, he was in the Westlands parliamentary race but lost the bid.

Since his exit as the SONU Chair, SONU has been changed to the University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA), in which its executive leadership is allowed to hold office for a year term and can only be legible for re-election once.

Babu Owino University of Nairobi