A Kenyan passport is an official travel document allowing Kenyans to visit other countries and re-enter Kenya from any immigration controls at the borders or airports.

It provides proof of citizenship and nationality; you will need one when planning international travel.

In Kenya, passports are issued by the Directorate of Immigration Services under the State Department for Immigration Services in the Ministry of Interior.

Since 2017, it has been issuing new passports, e-passports, which contain every detail in the traditional passport but have digital signatures and biometrics in their electronic microprocessor chips to prevent fraud and identity theft.

To make it easy for applicants to get passports in Kenya, the Directorate of Immigration Services moved their services online, but the process of getting one entails small paperwork towards its end. Learn how to apply online;

Items you need to apply for a passport online

* Original birth certificate and photocopy.
* Original National ID Card & copy.
* Three Current passport-size photos.
* Recommender’s ID Card copy.
* Consent letter for minors.
* Old passport for replacement.
* Parents’ National ID cards and copies.

How to apply for a Kenyan passport via eCitizen

The government of Kenya recently digitized over 5000 of its services, and passport application is one of them.

To make a new passport application online,

1. Visit the eCitizen website at accounts.ecitizen.go.ke and log in. Create an account if you don’t have one – it is free
2. On the homepage, click the ‘Apply for a Passport’ tab
3. You will be automatically redirected to the State Department for Immigration and Citizen Services website. Authorize login using your eCitizen details to access the passport application portal

How to apply for a Kenyan passport via eCitizen
4. Choose ‘Your Application’ if you are making an adult passport application and go to NEXT
5. Confirm your nationality
6. Choose your preferred passport type as Ordinary and put ‘First Time Passport’ to proceed with the online application
7. In this stage, a passport application form will appear. Read the instructions carefully before filling in your details

Items you need to apply for a passport online
8. After completing it. Go to uploads and submit the photocopies of your original ID, birth certificate, and photos
9. Pay the passport application fees via Mpesa or credit card and download the completed form alongside the payment receipt
10. Take them to immigration offices where your fingerprints will be taken, and the final processing of your passport will begin. In Kenya, these immigration offices are located at;

* Nairobi – Nyayo House Ground Floor
* Mombasa – Uhuru na Kazi Mombasa P.o box 90284 Mombasa
* Kisumu – New PC’s office Kisumu
* Embu – Embu PC’s office
* Nakuru- Regional Commissioner’s Blg Nakuru P.O box 17632
* Kisii – County Commissioners Building
* Eldoret – Public Works Building

How long do you wait for a Kenyan passport?

First-time applicants receive their passports ten working days from the date of application. However, it may take longer if more information is required or your application was filled out incorrectly.

On the other hand, those seeking to renew their passport wait only five days to get a new one.

How much does it cost to get a passport in Kenya? (2024)

The amount you will pay to get a Kenyan passport depends on the type of passport you are getting and whether you are making a new application or applying for a renewal or replacement.

Typically, the application fees for ordinary passports range from Ksh4,550 to Ksh7,550, which are categorized as Ordinary A, B, or C based on page size. Diplomatic passports cost the same as Ordinary C – Ksh7,550.

Check out all the passport fees;

Type of Kenyan passport Application fees (2024)
Ordinary A 32-page size Ksh4,550
Ordinary B 50-page size Ksh6,050
Ordinary C 66-page size Ksh7,550
Diplomatic passport Ksh7,550
Mutilated passport Ksh10,050
Lost passport Ksh12,050
For passport related enquiries,
contact @ImmigrationKenya
+254 110 923 422
+254 110 923 423
email: info@immigration.go.ke