As of 2023, Airtel Malawi PLC had 6.8 million subscribers. Amongst these users, those who have subscribed to Airtel Money can withdraw cash at over 5,000 agent outlets located countrywide.

If you are one of these users, there is no doubt that Airtel Money gives you convenient access to cash whenever you need it just by dialing *211#, entering the agent code, the amount to withdraw, and then PIN to confirm the transaction. It is always easy.

Every customer can withdraw a maximum of MWK750,000 per day per registered Airtel SIM, but this service is not usually free.

Airtel Money charges transaction fees each time they cash out at an agent, and these one-time fees vary depending on the amount to be withdrawn.

As a customer, it is in your best interest to know these charges to help you in planning and decision-making wherever you want to visit an Airtel Money agent to withdraw cash. Check out these charges;

Airtel Money cash withdrawals cost in 2024

Airtel Money cash withdrawals cost in Malawi 2024

Here are the latest Airtel Malawi transaction charges for withdrawals:

Amount to withdraw Transaction cost
MWK50 – MWK499 MWK20
MWK500 – MWK999 MWK38
MWK1,000 – MWK2,499 MWK80
MWK2,500 – MWK4,999 MWK160
MWK5,000 – MWK9,999 MWK350
MWK10,000 – MWK14,999 MWK600
MWK15,000 – MWK19,999 MWK720
MWK20,000 – MWK24,999 MWK920
MWK25,000 – MWK29,999 MWK1,050
MWK30,000 – MWK39,999 MWK1,250
MWK40,000 – MWK49,999 MWK1,500
MWK50,000 – MWK59,999 MWK1,900
MWK60,000 – MWK79,999 MWK2,300
MWK80,000 – MWK99,999 MWK2,750
MWK100,000 – MWK124,999 MWK3,250
MWK125,000 – MWK149,999 MWK3,500
MWK150,000 – MWK199,999 MWK3,750
MWK200,000 – MWK299,999 MWK4,500
MWK300,000 – MWK399,999 MWK5,500
MWK400,000 – MWK750,000 MWK7,000

*Note that Airtel Money Tariffs are charged by the system. Customers should not accept any charges outside the system