Vodacom Mpesa is a mobile payments network of Vodacom Tanzania that can help you quickly send and receive money. It also supports withdrawals from Mpesa agent shops available countrywide.

It is a large multi-service platform with diverse offerings allowing even airtime purchases, access to quick loans and savings, and international transfers. Further, you can pay for your favorite things at millions of shops and businesses using Lipa kwa Simu’s Vodacom Mpesa.

Vodacom Mpesa offers a free account, but transaction fees apply to its mobile money services like withdrawals. Today, we are looking at what it costs when you withdraw funds using it in Tanzania;

Vodacom Mpesa’s latest withdrawal fees in TZ

The cost of withdrawing money from Vodacom Mpesa varies depending on the amount of cash you want.

These transaction fees are compounded with the government levy, which is compulsory. This government levy also varies through the transaction bands available for Vodacom Tanzania, but it maintains a constant in some.

For instance, for the lowest band of Tsh200-Tsh499, the Mpesa transaction fee is Tsh80 plus a Tsh10 government levy to bring the total cost to Ksh90. This Tsh10 government levy persists up to the transaction band of Tsh2,000-Tsh2,999, then Tsh14, Tsh27, Tsh54, and so on, up to the government charge of Tsh2,000 which is added to the transaction fee of Tsh10,000 to become Tsh12,000 for withdrawal amounts exceeding Tsh3 million.

Here are the newest Vodacom Mpesa transaction charges for withdrawals. We will compound the government levy with the actual Mpesa transaction fees to come up with exactly what you will be charged when you go get cash at Vodacom agents’ shops:

Amount to withdraw from Vodacom Mpesa Total withdrawal cost (Mpesa transaction fee + government levy) – 2024
Tsh200 to Tsh499 Tsh90
Tsh500 to Tsh999 Tsh185
Tsh1,000 to Tsh1,999 Tsh360
Tsh2,000 to Tsh2,999 Tsh410
Tsh3,000 to Tsh3,999 Tsh614
Tsh4,000 to Tsh4,999 Tsh677
Tsh5,000 to Tsh6,999 Tsh1,004
Tsh7,000 to Tsh9,999 Tsh1,056
Tsh10,000 to Tsh14,999 Tsh1,552
Tsh15,000 to Tsh19,999 Tsh1,645
Tsh20,000 to Tsh29,999 Tsh2,156
Tsh30,000 to Tsh39,999 Tsh2,201
Tsh40,000 to Tsh49,999 Tsh2,769
Tsh50,000 to Tsh99,999 Tsh3,273
Tsh100,000 to Tsh199,999 Tsh4,357
Tsh200,000 to Tsh299,999 Tsh6,121
Tsh300,000 to Tsh399,999 Tsh7,338
Tsh400,000 to Tsh499,999 Tsh7,982
Tsh500,000 to Tsh599,999 Tsh8,745
Tsh600,000 to Tsh699,999 Tsh9,532
Tsh700,000 to Tsh799,999 Tsh9,700
Tsh800,000 to Tsh899,999 Tsh9,750
Tsh900,000 to Tsh1 million Tsh9,776
Tsh1 million to Tsh3 million Tsh9,875
Above Tsh3 million Tsh12,000

Does Vodacom Mpesa have transaction limits?

Vodacom Mpesa transaction limits

Yes, Vodacom Mpesa in Tanzania has transaction limits, which are enforced on money transfers and withdrawals based on tiers, and there are Tiers 1, 2, and 3, depending on where the customer has reached verifying the mandatory KYC requirements.

Tier 1 is a default upon the normal ID verification. It allows a maximum daily transfer of Tsh1,000,000, and customers can hold a balance of not more than Tsh2 million in their mobile money accounts once. Its yearly limit is Tsh30 million.

For Tier 2, whose verification requires your photo ID, its maximum transfer limit per day is Tsh2 million, it can hold a balance of up to Tsh5 million, and its yearly transaction limit is Tsh200 million.

You must submit your business license and tax certificate with your national ID to be in Tier 3. It supports daily transfers of Tsh50 million and has a limitless yearly cap.