Bank of Baroda is a leading international bank with branches worldwide, including Kenya. For international money transfers, a SWIFT code is crucial, as it helps identify the specific branch where the transaction should be processed.

The SWIFT code for Bank of Baroda’s Kenya branch is BARBKENA.

This 8-character code can be dissected as follows:

  • ‘BARB’: The Bank Identifier Code (BIC) representing Bank of Baroda.
  • ‘KE’: The two-letter country code for Kenya, signifying the location of the branch.
  • ‘NA’: The two-letter location code representing Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city, where the bank’s primary branch is situated.

When initiating international money transfers to or from a Bank of Baroda account in Kenya, ensure you provide the correct SWIFT code (BARBKENA) to facilitate a smooth and secure transaction. This code enables banks worldwide to accurately route your funds to the intended recipient, minimizing the risk of errors and delays.

Bank of Baroda Swift code & Branch codes

Bank of Baroda Bank Code Branch Code Branch Name
06 000 Nairobi Main Open
06 002 Digo Road, Mombasa Open
06 004 Thika Open
06 005 Kisumu Open
06 006 Sarit Centre Open
06 007 Industrial Area Open
06 008 Eldoret Open
06 009 Nakuru Open
06 010 Kakamega Open
06 011 Nyali Mombasa Open
06 012 Meru Open
06 015 Diamond Plaza Open
06 016 Mombasa Road Open
06 017 Muthithi road Open


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