The Ministry of Defence ended the last fiscal year on a promising note for military recruiting after enlisting slightly more than 1600 General Service Officer (GSO) Cadets, Specialist Officers, General Duty Recruits, Tradesmen, and women and Defence Forces Constables in the recruitment exercise that took place between August 28 ending September 8, 2023.

This year, everyone is optimistic that the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) will widen the net for recruits to reach its active duty accession goals, which may stand at the same number or more, and the big question on the minds of many would-be members of Kenyan military is when the KDF recruitment will take place in 2024.

Even so, KDF rarely falls short in its recruiting goals because of factors like the high unemployment rate in the country and the eligibility of many young Kenyans to serve in the military, which often lead to high turnout on recruitment days.

When is KDF recruitment in 2024?

Every year, the KDF, Kenya Defence Forces, comprised of three main branches, Kenya Army, the Kenya Air Force, and the Kenya Navy, staff the force with recruits for military training before they can be deployed to protect and defend the people and the country against external aggression and to uphold and advance its national policies and interests.

Until now, KDF has not announced to the public the official dates for recruiting prospective troops in 2024, and thus, nobody knows when KDF recruitment 2024 will take place, and you can’t predict.

Looking at the past years, you will see that the recruiting patterns in the Kenyan military have been unpredictable. In 2019, KDF recruitment started on November 27, in February for 2020/2021, in November for the 2021/2022 recruitment drive, and in August for 2023.