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All Paid HELB Batch Numbers So Far

All Paid HELB Batch Numbers So Far

Last week, KBC reported that the government had released Ksh14.4 billion to HELB, the Higher Education Loans Board, for disbursement to universities and TVET accounts as scholarship awards to first years and loans to continuing students.

Since then, HELB has been actively sending money to these institutions, and the tuition fees section of HELB beneficiaries in the Higher Education Financing (HEF) portal is moving from Allocated to Disbursement in Progress, and for some, with earlier approved batch numbers, have been paid.

What is a batch number example in HELB?

Well, HELB uses the batch code system to keep track of successful HELB applicants set to receive money for tuition and upkeep to keep track of all paid and pending accounts for efficiency.

A typical HELB batch number would be similar to 5113 or 5050. It is four numbered and awarded in cohorts, not individually, and not based on where students learn but on the time of loan approval.

From today, January 22, 2024, HELB will be disbursing funds to students’ accounts with batch numbers such as 5310 and 5308, and some of them have been told to check their bank accounts and Mpesa Surepay in 48-72 hours.

Paid HELB batches 2024

Here are all batch numbers that have received loans for upkeep and tuition from HELB;

* HELB Batch Number 5288
* HELB Batch Number 5290
* HELB Batch Number 5291
* HELB Batch Number 5300
* HELB Batch Number 5302
* HELB Batch Number 5304
* HELB Batch Number 5306
* HELB Batch Number 5308
* HELB Batch Number 5310
* HELB Batch Number 5313
* HELB Batch Number 5314
* HELB Batch Number 5315
* HELB Batch Number 5316
* HELB Batch Number 5318
* HELB Batch Number 5321
* HELB Batch Number 5322
* HELB Batch Number 5324
* HELB Batch Number 5325
* HELB Batch Number 5336
* HELB Batch Number 5339
* HELB Batch Number 5341
* HELB Batch Number 5348

If you have the above batch numbers in your HELB-HEF portal, you will receive your allocation for upkeep soon if your account hasn’t read something yet.

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  1. Tuition batch is 5337 paid to account,but first upkeep batch number is not there yet semester two batch number is issued to be 5374,what about first semester

  2. Na wenye hatuna kitu yoyote kwa portal ya semester 2 bado inaread semester1 tujinyonge au kuna matumaini ju tunafaa kulipa fees

  3. Am Geofrey Maanya from Laikipia University , kindly may I know what went wrong with my HELB status not making any progress since last semester? Or are there those who the government does not pay for?

  4. I have not seen this semester column on my page and I received the funds last semester what could be the problem. JKUAT student

  5. Hello my status is reading that the money has been paid to account but I haven’t received any messages from KCB account batch no 5374 please help

  6. Hey, I’ve not received my tution fee since the semester begun, neither I’ve I seen an attached batch number till now. But the status is showing “disbursement in progress” does it mean I may receive my loan anytime from now.


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