Nairobi County Fire Emergency Numbers: 0202344599 /0202222181

What to do in case of Fire

  • Raise the alarm by shouting Fire, Fire, Fire, and break the glass provided in the staircase.
  • Attack the fire using the correct type of extinguisher.
  • Make sure your line of retreat is clear
  • Call the fire brigade using 0202344599, 0202222181, 0722832930, 0721441025
  • Use the escape route when leaving and avoid obstruction.
  • Direct others to the fire exit in an orderly manner.
  • Assist the invalids, disabled, aged, and children.
  • Do not panic or make others panic.
  • Close doors and windows in the immediate vicinity of the fire.
  • If unable to control the fire, take steps to restrict it from spreading.

Nairobi County Fire Emergency Numbers:0722832930, 0721441025