Hey, ENA Coach lovers! We are in 2024, and it’s time to get to work again and travel more.

After spending the holiday afar in the rural areas with family and friends, and spending the money, as well, you definitely need to get to work, some school, and others to where they live or stay because merry-making is over and the pockets are dry. Or do you want to eat cabbage?

Even after spending nearly all the cash, you don’t have to worry about the money you will pay as bus fare to reach your destinations this year because ENA Coach got your pocket. Not back. (Because, some say, it is for your lovely partner and friends indeed when you are in need)

But this January and 2024, when Kenyans are battling expensive toll rates and the etc problems of economic and inflation pressures, you are truly in need, and so, ENA Coach is your friend indeed because you need affordable bus ticket prices to get to where you want to.

ENA Coach is one of the massive rapid bus companies that operate throughout the country, and some of its routes cover areas of Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisii, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nyamira, Oyugis, Bondo, Bungoma, Awendo, Birongo, Bomet, Ndhiwa, Rongo, Maseno, Kericho and others.

This bus company is owned by Evans Anyona Nyagaka, a businessman from Kisii. Find out how much ENA charges as bus fare to these and more routes today:

Know more on ENA Coach prices and routes

Here is all the info about where ENA Coach travels and the latest payable ticket prices payable as bus fares through 2024:

From (Departure point) To (Arrival) ENA Coach bus fare prices (2024)
Nairobi  Busia Ksh1,600
Nairobi Mbita Ksh1,500
Port Victoria Nairobi Ksh1,600
Homabay Nairobi Ksh1,500
Migori Nairobi Ksh1,500
Sirare Nairobi Ksh1,500
Mombasa Migori Ksh2,500
Nairobi Kapsabet Ksh1,600
Nairobi Mumias Ksh1,600
Nairobi Sirare Ksh1,500
Mombasa Kehancha Ksh2,500
Mombasa Kendubay Ksh2,500
Rongo Nairobi Ksh1,500
Oyugis Nairobi Ksh1,500
Nairobi Bungoma Ksh1,600
Bondo Nairobi Ksh1,600
Usenge  Nairobi Ksh1,600
Mbale Nairobi Ksh1,600
Kisumu Nairobi Ksh1,600
Sori Mombasa Ksh2,500
Kericho Nairobi Ksh1,600
Mombasa Kisii Ksh2,500
Nairobi Chavakali Ksh1,600
Nairobi Kisii Ksh1,500
Nairobi Maseno Ksh1,600
Nairobi Keumbu Ksh1,500

As seen, ENA Coach bus fares are between Ksh1,500 to Ksh1,600 for popular routes from Nairobi and from upcountry to Nairobi, like from Mbita, Kisii, Kapsabet, Bungoma, Keumbu, Kisumu, and Maseno.

However, bus travel that covers long distances using ENA Coach, going to places like Mombasa, is expensive and costs an average of Ksh2,500.

Book ENA Coach and pay with Mpesa – Online

The ENA Coach operators have a complete portal and an app for booking bus tickets the easiest way. You only need to take these quick steps:

1. Visit the ENA Coach online booking portal at www.enacoach.co.ke
2. On the top of the first landing page, you will see a booking tab. Enter your departure point and destination in the ‘From’ and ‘To’ areas

Booking ENA COACH Mpesa online
3. Pick your traveling date by clicking on the calendar icon
4. Load the ‘Search Bus’ button to see available buses, not yet booked seats, the ENA schedule of the selected date, and ticket prices
5. Single out the bus you are happy to board to your destination and follow the prompts to book it online

At the end of this process, which takes less than 5 minutes, you will pay your bus fare via Mpesa, and afterward, you will receive your ENA Coach bus ticket details via SMS, printable on its website.