In every one of the larger cities and towns in South Africa; Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, East London, Port Elizabeth, Grahamstown, Kuruman, Welkom, and many others, you will find Intercape coach stations with connections throughout SA and to other countries like Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique.

What did you expect? It is among the largest bus companies in the southern part of Africa, and it has grown to be so because it brings in comfort, great convenience, as well as plenty of good discounts on its bus tickets. It belongs to the family of Johan Ferreira Sr.

Intercape bus can be your inexpensive bus travel option for moving locations in South Africa this holiday season of December as people break away for the relaxation and New Year festivities of 2024;

How can I book Intercape bus?

Intercape buses have three booking options: you can reserve your tickets by calling their main ticket sales office at 021 380 4400, walk to their offices, or book them online, which is easy, convenient, and time-saving.

Find out how to get your Intercape tickets online;

1. Open the Intercape website or visit
2. Click the ‘BOOK NOW’ option in the top navigation menu
3. Enter your boarding and drop-off points at the From and To sections

Intercape bus fare prices december
4. Pick a date of departure and hit ‘SEARCH’ to check out bus availability and ticket lowest prices
5. Choose your best bus and go to ‘BUY’ to purchase your ticket

On the next page, you will choose your mode of payment and enter passenger details to complete the Intercape bus online booking process, after which you will get reservation details on your email ID or phone number.

Intercape bus offers three types of tickets, Saver, Flexi, and Full Flexi, which vary in price, and each passenger is allowed up to 20kg of luggage. Reporting time at pick-up points is 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

How much is Intercape?

Check out what Intercape charges on various routes in South Africa;

N/B: The fare prices displayed is Saver bus ticket to Full Flexi range

Intercape bus routes Latest ticket prices
East London to Port Elizabeth R350 – R510
Cape Town to Springbok R700 – R830
Cape Town to Garies R594 – R720
Cape Town to Durban R1,670 – R2,520
Durban to East London R670 – R1,080
Durban to Paarl  R880 -R1,150
Clocolan to Paarl R675 – R910
Brandfort to Bloemfontein R270 – R300
Bloemfontein to Victoria West  R396 – R440
Brandfort to Welkom  R270 – R300
Brandfort to Stellenbosch  R600 – R1,110
Queenstown to Stellenbosch  R460 – R610
Jamestown to Queenstown R450 – R610
Jamestown to Johannesburg R396 – R470
Polokwane to Johannesburg  R350 – R500
Paterson to Johannesburg R679 – R1,000
Volksrust to Johannesburg R306 – R560
Kuruman to Johannesburg R660 – R800
Cape Town to Jeffreys Bay R738 – R1,270
Kuruman to Cape Town  R1,730 – R2,430
Durban to Harding R450 – R650
Bloemfontein to Durban R780 – R1,110

Find out where else Intercape buses go on their Routes section.