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Bomet University: Courses, Fee, Ranking & Admission 2023

Bomet University degree courses and cost of study in 2023

Bomet University College (BUC), or colloquially Bomet University, is among a set of public universities in Kenya that transforms lives through undergraduate education founded in theory and influenced by industry practices and demands.

Located in Bomet town, Bomet University has been of transformative impact on society at large owing to its affordable professional degree programs since its establishment as a public university through Legal Notice Number 145 of July 27, 2017, after admitting its first cohort of Government Sponsored Students in August 2016.

Its parent university is Moi University, meaning that Bomet University is under its direct management in crucial education offerings like faculties and courses as its constituent college. Which courses does Bomet University College offer? At what cost?

Bomet University degree courses and cost of study in 2023

Bomet University degree courses and cost of study in 2023

The new academic year will begin in less than two weeks, and Bomet University has already sent out admission letters to its new students instructing them to report on September 4, 2023. These are students who received calling letters after applying through the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS).

This year, Bomet University offered 22 undergraduate courses, which the incoming high school graduates picked out a favorite to pursue as per what they envision in life as careers. If you are looking forward to joining Bomet University earlier next month, it is better to know what you will pay as your fees.

Here are each degree course at BUC and fees for the whole Academic Year 2023/2024:

No. Degree courses offered at Bomet University Tuition fees for 2023
1 Bachelor of Arts Ksh153,000
2 Bachelor of Education Arts Ksh183,600
3 Bachelor of Business Management  Ksh183,600
4 Bachelor of Education (Special Needs Education) Ksh244,800
5 Bachelor of Science (Applied Statistics with Computing) Ksh244,800
6 Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Ksh275,400
7 Bachelor of Science (Human Resource Management) Ksh183,600
8 Bachelor of Arts (With Education) Ksh153,000
9 Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Economics & Resource Management) Ksh275,400
10 Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) Ksh153,000
11 Bachelor of Arts (Geography)  Ksh153,000
12 Bachelor of Science (Entrepreneurship Studies) Ksh183,600
13 Bachelor of Arts (Kiswahili) Ksh153,000
14 Bachelor of Education (Guidance and Counselling) Ksh183,600
15 Bachelor of Science (Project Planning and Management) Ksh183,600
16 Bachelor of Science (Counselling Psychology) Ksh153,000
17 Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Extension and Education Ksh275,400
18 Bachelor of Science (Communication and Public Relations) Ksh204,000
19 Bachelor of Science (Strategic Management)  Ksh183,600
20 Bachelor of Education (Arts – Business Studies) Ksh183,600
21 Bachelor of Arts (Penology, Correction, and Administration) Ksh153,000
22 Bachelor of Arts (Economics)  Ksh183,600

Bomet University College also offers diploma courses in its TVET program. These are; Diploma in Business Management and Diploma in Human Resource Management, whose fees are Ksh144,000, and Diploma in Public Relations for Ksh132,600.

How many students study at Bomet University College?

The total enrollment at Bomet University in 2023 is 2,236 students, excluding the 1,953 new undergraduate learners set to join on September 4, 2023. In the upcoming academic year ending 2024, BUC will enroll a thousand more students than the 907 who joined in the 2022/2023 schooling year.

What is the ranking of Bomet University?

Thanks to its high academic standards, achieved through creative teaching and student-focused learning, Bomet University College is known for helping dreamers become doers. For this, it is recognized nationally and ranks 26th out of 100 higher learning institutions in Kenya, according to Ranking Web of Universities.

BUC has outshined other old and prestigious universities like Zetech, Riara, and Chuka Universities in the ranking.

Who is the Vice Chancellor of Bomet University?

How many students study at Bomet University College?
Prof Anne Kisaka Nangulu – Principal, Bomet University College.

Bomet University College is headed by Prof Anne Kisaka Nangulu, the Principal. As a constituent college of Moi University, Moi University retains control and administration of BUC; thus, MU’s Vice Chancellor, Prof Isaac Sanga Kosgey, presides over all its satellite campuses and colleges as President.



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