GOtv Kenya has confirmed it is raising the price of some of its subscription plans from next month, April 1, 2024.

The MultiChoice-owned pay television terrestrial service provider said the prices of all its six packages would rise except for GOtv Plus with 45+ channels, whose Ksh999/month subscription fee will be maintained.

GOtv Lite package would rise from Ksh199 per month to Ksh220, GOtv Value would rise from Ksh649 a month to Ksh669, GOtv Max subscription price will jump from Ksh1,449 per month to Ksh1,499, the new GOtv Supa subscription costs is Ksh1,999 and lastly, GOtv Supa+ its most expensive package would cost Ksh3,700 monthly up from Ksh3,500 from Easter Monday through the year.

How much is GOtv a month 2024 Kenya?

Well, as said, GOtv is raising prices from next month. Check out and compare the old and new prices now in this simplified table;

No. Packages Old prices New prices
1. GOtv Lite Ksh199 per month Ksh220 per month
2. GOtv Value Ksh649 per month Ksh669 per month
3. GOtv Plus Ksh999 per month Ksh999 per month
4. GOtv Max Ksh1,449 per month Ksh1,499 per month
5. GOtv Supa Ksh1,899 per month Ksh1,999 per month
6. GOtv Supa+ Ksh3,500 per month Ksh3,700 per month

Despite the increase in monthly subscription fees, the number of TV channels across GOtv’s offerings remains the same: GOtv Lite has over 20 channels, GOtv Value has 35+, GOtv Plus 45+, GOtv Max has 60+, the Supa package has over 70, and lastly, GOtv Supa+ has channels exceeding 75+.