TSC Portals and Online Services

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is an independent body in Kenya responsible for registering, employing, promoting, and managing the professional conduct of teachers. To facilitate this, TSC offers various online portals and services for teachers, making accessing essential information and services easier. This article provides a list and guides to all TSC online portals and services available.

  1. TSC Online Services Portal (https://www.tsc.go.ke/)

The official TSC website provides a wealth of information about the commission, its mandate, and functions. It also offers a gateway to various TSC online services. On this website, you can access news, updates, circulars, and other essential information related to the teaching profession in Kenya.

  1. TSC Teacher Management System (TMIS) Portal (https://tsconline.tsc.go.ke/)

The TMIS portal is a crucial platform for teachers, allowing them to access and manage their employment records, including personal details, promotions, and professional development. Teachers can also view and print their payslips, check their T-Pay status, and update their banking information.

  1. TSC Payslip Portal (https://payslip.tsc.go.ke/)

The TSC Payslip portal allows teachers to access their monthly payslips online. Teachers need to register for an account and log in with their TSC number and password to view and download their payslips.

4. TSC T-Pay Portal (https://tpay.tsc.go.ke/)

T-Pay is an online payment platform where teachers can access their salary statements, view and update their banking information, and access information about third-party deductions such as loans, insurance, and other financial services.

  1. TSC Wealth Declaration Portal (https://tsconline.tsc.go.ke/wealthdeclaration/)

This portal is dedicated to facilitating the wealth declaration process for teachers, as required by Kenyan law. Teachers can submit their wealth declaration forms online, making the process more convenient and efficient.

  1. TSC Recruitment Portal (https://hrmis.tsc.go.ke/)

The TSC Recruitment portal is the official platform for teacher recruitment in Kenya. Prospective teachers can apply for open positions and track the status of their applications online. This portal also provides information about available job opportunities, application requirements, and deadlines.

  1. TSC Professional Development (TPD) Portal (https://tpd.tsc.go.ke/)

The TPD portal is designed to provide teachers with access to professional development courses and resources. Teachers can enroll in various courses, track their progress, and earn certificates upon completion.

  1. TSC Email Activation Portal (https://registration.tsc.go.ke/)

The TSC Email Activation portal is for teachers who must activate their TSC-provided email accounts. These accounts are essential for accessing TSC services and receiving an official communication from the commission.

In conclusion, the Teachers Service Commission has made significant strides in providing efficient and easily accessible online services to teachers in Kenya. These portals are designed to improve the overall experience of teachers and streamline processes related to their profession. By utilizing these platforms, teachers can focus on their primary responsibility – educating the future generations of Kenya.