Radio continues to be a popular medium for many people in Kenya, even with the rise of television broadcasting and streaming technologies. Radio stations provide diverse content, catering to different age groups, genders, and classes. Here is a list of radio stations in Kenya:

  1. Radio Citizen: Swahili broadcasts at 106.7 FM (Nairobi)
  2. Family Radio 316: Christian content with multiple frequencies across Kenya
  3. Classic 105: Soul music and hit songs at 105.2 FM
  4. Ghetto Radio: Sheng language station at 89.5 FM
  5. East FM: Asian radio station at 106.3 FM
  6. Baraka FM: Urban Radio at 95.5 FM
  7. Sound Asia FM: Exclusive Asian radio station with multiple frequencies in Nairobi and Mombasa
  8. Inooro FM: Kikuyu radio station at 88.9 FM (Nairobi)
  9. Truth FM: Christian radio station at 90.7 FM (Nairobi)
  10. Ramogi FM: Popular among Luo speakers at 101.7 FM
  11. Musyi FM: Serves the Kamba community at 102.2 FM
  12. Homeboyz Radio: Urban radio station at 103.5 FM
  13. Muuga FM: Kimeru radio station at 8.9 FM
  14. Kiss 100: Fresh hits from 100.3 FM
  15. Sulwe FM: Pure Bukusu radio station at 89.6 FM
  16. KBC Coro FM: Kiswahili and Kikuyu radio station at 99.5 FM
  17. Kameme FM: Kikuyu radio station at 101.1 FM
  18. Radio Jambo: Urban Swahili radio station at 97.5 FM
  19. Milele FM: Rhumba station at 93.6 FM
  20. Kass FM: Kalenjin radio station at 91.0 FM
  21. Egesa FM: Ekegusii broadcasts with multiple frequencies in Nairobi, Nyamira, and Kisii
  22. Capital FM: Urban radio at 98.4 FM
  23. Radio Waumini: Catholic radio station at 88.3 FM
  24. Bahari FM: Coastal station at 94.2 FM
  25. Gukena FM: Kikuyu station with multiple frequencies in Nyeri and Nakuru
  26. Nation FM: Urban music station at 96.3 FM
  27. Bibilia Husema Broadcasting: A.I.C. station at 96.7 FM
  28. Imani Radio: Christian radio station from Kitale at 88.8 FM
  29. Hot 96 FM: Urban station at 96.0 FM
  30. Pamoja FM: Kibera community radio station at 99.9 FM
  31. Lionafriq Radio: House, Amapiano, and EDM station
  32. Radio 254: Showcasing Kenyan musicians, creatives, and curatives
  33. Chamgei FM: Kalenjin radio station at 90.4 FM
  34. KBC Mayienga FM: Kisumu-based station broadcasting at 93.5 FM
  35. Vuuka FM: Maragoli community station at 95.4 FM
  36. Kubamba Radio: Urban gospel station at 91.6 FM
  37. NRG Radio: Urban Contemporary Hit radio station at 97.1 FM
  38. Q FM: Broadcasting at 94.4 FMFound on 94.4 FM


    1. Star FM

    Somali radio station on;

    Nairobi -105.9 FM                            Garissa- 97.1 FM

    Wajir- 97.3 FM                                  Moyale- 87.9 FM

    Marsabit- 87.7 FM                           Dadaab- 97.1 FM

    Mombasa- 103.5 FM                       Kismayu- 89.5 FM

    Isiolo- 92.5 FM                                  Masalani- 97.1 FM

    Balambala- 97.1 FM                         Habaswe- 97.3 FM

    Mogadishu- 97.0 FM

    Mandera- 97.5 FM

    Laisamis- 87.7 FM


    1. Wimwaro FM

    Broadcasts from Embu on 93.0 FM


    1. Smash Jam Radio

    Music from old school to the newest tracks, broadcasting from Nakuru on 99.0 FM


    1. Radio Kaya Kenya

    Coastal radio station on 93.1 FM


    1. Athiani FM Kenya

    Targets the Kamba community on 94.7 FM


    1. Smooth FM

    Plays relaxing music on 105.5 FM


    1. Rastyle Radio

    Reggea radio on;

    Nairobi- 102.7 FM                               Malindi- 108.3 FM

    Meru- 105.1 FM                                  Nyeri- 107.5 FM

    Kisii- 97.3 FM                                       Kericho- 90.5 Fm

    Mombasa- 105.1FM                          Eldoret- 91.1 FM

    Kisumu- 105.3 FM                              Nakuru- 104.5 FM


    46.CRI Nairobi

    China Radio International broadcasting in English, Swahili and Mandarin on 91.9 FM


    1. Radio Injili

    Christian radio station on 103.7 FM