No matter your investment goal, the Etica Money Market Fund gives you the opportunity to get a better return on your cash – it was and still is ranked as the best money market fund in Kenya in 2024.

If you put Ksh50,000 in Etica Money Market Fund today, run by Etica Capital Ltd, its fund manager, after 12 months, you could earn an extra Ksh10,000 in interest compared to most savings accounts in Kenyan banks. That’s because it offers investors the highest annual yield rates in the country, currently 18.20% nominal rate as of March.

However, you will get about Ksh56,300 as real withdrawable cash in your account because, after deducting taxes, 2% management fees and factoring other adjustments for inflation, you get an actual return of 11.83% p.a., of which the funds compound daily.

“The investment objective of the Etica Money Market Fund (KES) is to obtain a high level of current income while protecting investor’s capital,” Etica Capital says.

What is the minimum investment in the Etica Money Market Fund?

Etica Capital Ltd not only gives a better rate of returns when one registers for its money market deposit account but also offers a low capital investment option for beginner investors who are just starting out:

The minimum initial investment, and afterwards the minimum regular top-up, at Etica’s Money Market is Ksh100 – but you should remember that investing large amounts can potentially earn you more money, however, carrying a varying degree of risk as the value of your investments can go down as well as up due to, among them, the volatility of the markets, fluctuating interest rates and other economic conditions related to but not limited to inflation so you may not necessarily get back what you invested.

Like other market participants in Kenya, Etica Capital Ltd forms the perspectives of both risk and returns by relying on the National Treasury securities as benchmarks for pricing, hedging and determining its duration. Hence, the recommended term for earning attractive returns or gauging its money market fund’s performance is 91 days.

How to open a money market account at Etica

Opening the Etica Money Market Fund account is free, easy, fast, and all online! Start by visiting their website and choosing ‘OPEN ACCOUNT‘ from the menu on the homepage, then select your EMMF in the Application Type.

To begin your registration, you will need this personal information:

* Full name
* Email address
* Phone number
* ID/Passport number

Those eligible to open this account are local individuals, non-Kenyans, self-help groups, sole proprietorships, corporates and those in other formal partnerships.

Some of the authorized payment options you can use to put money in the Etica Money Market Fund after successful registration are via Mpesa Paybill Number 4096483, and the Account Number is Your Member Number. The other is their Equity Bank Channel USSD *247# and 919292 as the biller number.